Married at First Sight: Anthony D’Amico Silenced by Control Freak Ashley on Happily Ever After

On Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After, Anthony D’Amico struggles to find his voice under the watchful eye of Ashley Petta. The three married couples featured in this MAFS spinoff enjoy a couples retreat. Even so, it’s not all breathtaking sunsets and smooth sailing. Each couple has unique issues to work through. With the help of the experts, this time is used to work through these issues as the couples build their lives together.

Ashley Petta rules with iron fist on Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After

Even if you haven’t been following their journey, tuning in for a few minutes of this week’s episode is all you need. It’s blatantly obvious on Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After that Ashley wears the pants in this relationship. Anthony D’Amico can’t get a word in edgewise. At times it’s hard to watch him try to express his own views. Whenever he does, he gets strong-armed into submission by the much more abrasive Ashley. At the end of each exchange he looks like a bewildered puppy. He agrees with whatever Ashley says and they move on.

Communication is the number one issue for Ashley and Anthony on Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After. With a baby on the way, they better sharpen this skill fast. Anthony often cracks jokes as his coping mechanism, and this agitates Ashley further. She sees his jokes as him not taking situations seriously. Every exchange between them looks like it’s two seconds away from becoming a full-fledged fight. They need to work on this if there’s any hope for their marriage to work.

Anthony D’Amico needs to find his voice

This is where the experts come in on Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After. Each couple is given a specific challenge to help with a fundamental issue in their relationship. Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico are given the task of taking two photos of their time together on retreat. Sounds simple, right? The catch is that Ashley and Anthony have to completely direct one photo. Ashley got through her portion easily. When it came time for Anthony to take charge, that’s when things got interesting.

As Anthony D’Amico is staging their Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After photo, Ashley can’t help herself. She jumps in to direct him and tell him how things should be. This is exactly what the experts didn’t want when they devised this challenge. At the same time, though, it perfectly illustrates what they need to work on as a couple. They can’t take something as simple as a photo on vacation without Ashley jumping in to take charge.

Building blocks are there on MAFS: Happily Ever After

While it’s still up to Anthony to find his voice and take charge of what he brings to the relationship on MAFS: Happily Ever After, there is a foundation to build on. One could easily blame Ashley and point the finger at her, but the fact is that Anthony D’Amico plays a part in all of this too. His timid nature seems to only fuel her desire to take control in order to compensate. If they can find a healthy way to right this imbalance, then perhaps they can find something to build on. One thing for sure is that they need to find that balance quickly or else the one-sided nature of their current relationship will only continue to spiral out of control.

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