‘Married at First Sight’: Amelia Fatsi & Bennett Kirschner – 5 Things Fans Love About Them

Married at First Sight‘s Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner made their time on the Lifetime show memorable. But it’s not just their goofy actions that make fans fall in love with them. Here are five things fans adore about this duo.

#1 Married at First Sight Bride Amelia Fatsi Writes Songs for Her Husband

When Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi went on their honeymoon in Mexico, she sang him a song. This song wasn’t written for her Married at First Sight husband. But she could tell that he liked her tune. So, later she did write one for him.

MAFS viewers agree that Amelia might not win any big awards. But they do say that her songs are sweet and from the heart. Fans of the Lifetime show said they like her songs a lot better than the cucumber dream she had about eating Bennett.

Keep in mind that Amelia Fatsi isn’t the only one that went musical. Bennett had his friends come over and sing a song to Amelia Fatsi. Married at First Sight fans thought it was a good way for Bennett Kirschner to communicate in a love language his wife understands.

Married at First Sight: Bennett Kirschner - Amelia Fatsi

#2 Bennett Kirschner Makes His Wife Laugh

Bennett from Married at First Sight said Amelia makes him so happy. And he enjoys making her happy by making her laugh. Some viewers noticed that Amelia Fatsi always had her mouth open. And said it was because Bennett Kirschner kept her in stitches laughing.

There were a few times this Married at First Sight couple weirded fans out. Even the ram-headed singer Bennett invited over for Amelia was a little odd for some people’s tastes. But viewers say that is the beauty of this relationship.

Amelia Fatsi told her friend that she and Bennett Kirschner are very alike. Her friend even thought that Bennett’s blanket was Amelia’s blanket. But she said that they have very similar tastes — and that includes their taste in humor.

#3 Married at First Sight Duo Bennett & Amelia Balance Each Other Out

One of the things people noticed early on was the couple’s relaxed hygiene. But it seems like Bennett Kirschner is a little more of a clean freak than Amelia. Amelia Fatsi doesn’t seem to care very much about keeping the house neat and tidy, while Bennett wants to make sure things are in order.

Even though they have many the same likes and dislikes, they do have strengths that complement the other’s weaknesses. For instance, Amelia Fatis is structured and serious about her job. And Bennett is a little bit more free-spirited in that area and doesn’t know exactly what he wants to do.

Married at First Sight watchers love Bennett and Amelia together because of their team attitude. The fact that Bennett Kirschner moved with Amelia Fatsi to help her with her career was a big thing. Plus, she was fine with him spending a lot of time in New Orleans is a perfect balance of give and take.

Married at First Sight: Amelia Fatsi - Bennett Kirschner

#4 They’re a Mix of Smart & Free-Spirited

When Married at First Sight viewers first met Bennett Kirschner and his wife Amelia Fatsi, it was a bit of a whirlwind. He was on a pedicab, and she was on a unicycle. But when they started talking, everyone could tell they are both smart and well-educated.

When viewers of Married at First Sight learned Amelia was a doctor, at first, they thought it didn’t fit her personality. But before long, Amelia cycled right into fan’s hearts. And the same goes for Bennett after a few conversations.

According to fans, their unique personalities, drive, and passion for life make them the perfect couple. Amelia Fatsi wants a man that wouldn’t mind raising their kids. And it seems like Bennett Kirschner is up for it. So, that alone makes them an interesting mix and a good fit.

#5 Married at First Sight Pair Use Open Communication

When the exercises for the Married at First Sight show take place, both Amelia and her husband Bennett are very open. In fact, they were one of the most open couples on the 11th season of the show. They didn’t mind sharing with each other and the world about their sex life and more.

Bennett asked his wife Amelia to always be open with communication and she said the same. The Married at First Sight spouses said they wanted to help each other be happy. And they want to be able to fulfill each other in every way.

Some fans of the show Married at First Sight think they might overshare a little bit. But it seems to work for their relationship.

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