‘Married at First Sight’: Amber Rips Matt a New One – Exposes All His Dirty Deeds

Married at First Sight cast member Amber Bowles recently tore into Lifetime match Matt Gwynne. And, she threw a lot of shade at her ex. Matt is a MAFS villain in the eyes of many watchers based on how he treated Amber during their season of the show. And, Amber recently exposed all of Matthew Gwynne’s dirty deeds. What did she reveal?

Married at First Sight: Amber Bowles Says Things Crashed Early with Matt Gwynne

Amber Bowles and Matt Gwynne seemed to get off to a fast start on their season of Married at First Sight. It looked like they had some legitimate chemistry early. But, according to what Amber recently revealed, that wasn’t the case at all.

Amber called her MAFS marriage to Matt a “fake love story”. And, she said they started out strong the first few days on Married at First Sight. But, the “love car” they drove crashed quickly.

Meanwhile, Amber Bowles said she has a history of dating “shi*** guys”. And, based on how things went down with Matt Gwynne, he definitely fits into that category in the eyes of many Married at First Sight fans.

Married at First Sight: Amber Bowles - Matt Gwynne

MAFS: Did Matt Lie to Producers to Get on the Show?

One of the most frequent questions Married at First Sight viewers ask is how extensive the screening process is. Because, at least once every season, there seems to be a rotten apple among the marriage hopefuls. According to Amber Bowles, the screening process is very “intense”. And, it includes things like psychological evaluations, questionnaires that take hours, and more.

Still, when cast members like Matt Gwynne make it to filming, many Married at First Sight followers doubt the vetting process. But, Amber Bowles spilled tea on what production allegedly told her. And, apparently, Matt “fooled them all”.

Pastor Calvin Roberson told Soap Dirt exclusively that when MAFS cameras roll, some cast members “change” and act “abnormal”. And, based on what Amber said, this seems to be the case with Matt. Amber even joked that she went from dating “dou***bags” to a “narcissist sociopath [Matt Gwynne]”.

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Married at First Sight Wife Amber Rips Husband Matt a New One

Amber Bowles went in on Matt Gwynne even more. He called her “clingy” on Married at First Sight. But, she said he didn’t spend enough time around her to really know that. She added that he is a “narcissist”. And, she said he “doesn’t value other people”.

In addition, Amber said having a conversation with Matt Gwynne is like “talking to a wall”. And, he allegedly showed up “drunk” before filming based on what she observed. Overall, she seems more than ready to leave him in the past. Moreover, she claims he is “homeless and jobless” since filming the Lifetime show. So, it certainly looks like she gets the last laugh.

What’s Next for Amber?

Married at First Sight watchers know Amber Bowles has a new boyfriend. And, she offered more details about him when chatting with Hey Frase. She said he is “awesome” and “very emotionally available”. She also said they’re “on the same level”. And, the pair even talked about eloping in the future.

Married at First Sight: Amber Bowles

Another lingering question is her current marital status with Matt Gwynne. He refuses to sign the divorce papers. And, according to her, he does this “out of spite and laziness”. Meanwhile, even without Matt’s signature, she pursues an absolute divorce. An absolute divorce dissolves a marriage – even without a signature. And, she said she’ll throw a divorce party in July.

On top of that, Amber Bowles said she wants to transition away from teaching. So, it’s worth watching what she does next – along with where things go with her new man once she puts her past with Matt behind her for good.

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