‘Married at First Sight’: Amber Bowles Gets Major Win – Leaves Matt Gwynne in the Past?

Married at First Sight star Amber Bowles said she has her freedom back since she and Matt Gwynne‘s divorce. And now she is getting some big wins that make her feel like an adult.

Married at First Sight: Amber Bowles Dream Home

Amber Bowles of Married at First Sight said 2020 was a rough year for her. It took her a while to get her divorce from Matt Gwynne, but that’s finally over. And now that she no longer has a binding contract with Matt, she is moving on by getting a house.

MAFS wife Amber said that she is grateful for the lessons the last year taught her. And she just got the keys to her new home, which she is very proud of. It’s just her and her dog Lenny, but Amber Bowles looks very happy.

Fans of Married at First Sight said they can tell that she still feels pain over her experience. But it doesn’t seem like Amber regrets going on the show, despite the disaster her marriage turned out to be. Lifetime viewers just wished Matt would be more apologetic to her.

Married at First Sight: Amber Bowles

Amber Has Weakness for Matt Gwynne & Other Bad Husbands?

Married at First Sight fans said they are glad Amber Bowles is finally legally split from Matt. In fact, some people worried he might lure her back into the relationship after the show. And even though that didn’t happen, some people wonder about her taste in men.

Not only did Amber continue to give Matt Gwynne chance after chance, but she stuck up for another Married at First Sight viewer described villain. Luke Cuccurullo was one of the most hated husbands by the fans, but Amber Bowles sticks up for him. As a matter of fact, she said that he has a heart of gold and is one of her best friends now.

Viewers think that she has really bad taste in men. But many MAFS fans say it was the experts’ fault for not properly vetting Matt and Luke before they came on the show. Other fans said they hope that Amber doesn’t pick someone like these two the next time she decides to date.

Married at First Sight: Matt Gwynne

Married at First Sight: Matt Back to His Life

Matt Gwynne from Married at First Sight is back to his life. He still says that he is from Charlotte, North Carolina, but it seems like he’s very mobile again these days. He’s enjoying lots of basketball and golf.

Even after his terrible appearance on Married at First Sight, he still has the ladies after him. And it doesn’t look like he’s trying to find someone special. Most fans agree that Matt wasn’t ready for and didn’t really want marriage when he came on the show and married Amber Bowles.

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