‘Married at First Sight’: Amber Bowles Has a New Man – See Matt’s Replacement

Married at First Sight cast member Amber Bowles has a new man after her disastrous pairing with husband Matt Gwynne. Amber was in a bad marriage on the Lifetime show. And, she gained a lot of fans after everything she went through with her spouse. Is her new beau an upgrade?

Married at First Sight: Amber Bowles and Matt Gwynne Early Favorites

Like a lot of Married at First Sight pairs, Matt Gwynne and wife Amber Bowles had great chemistry initially. Matt fits the tall, dark, and handsome description Amber looks for. And, she felt the experts really hit it out of the park matching these two together.

Amber and Matt were early front-runners in the eyes of many Married at First Sight watchers on their season in Charlotte, North Carolina. Amber Bowles loves basketball. And, Matt Gwynne played professionally overseas. So, on paper this seemed like the perfect match right out of the gate.

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MAFS: Matt Gwynne Puts Wife Through the Wringer

Things took a turn for this pair on their season of Married at First Sight. The honeymoon phase didn’t last too long for these two. And, Matt felt Amber was too clingy. He didn’t seem to enjoy spending time with her. And, he’d often leave her at home while he went to the bar and did other things.

Meanwhile, Matt took his ring off and didn’t come home one night. And, this led to cheating accusations. The pair were already on thin ice by this point on Married at First Sight. And, the added mistrust certainly didn’t help matters. Many MAFS viewers saw Matt Gwynne as the season nine villain. And, many watchers felt bad for Amber Bowles.

She was ready to settle down and build a life with her husband. But, he was wary about putting down roots. He was used to the lifestyle of a nomadic basketball player. And, he didn’t want to be stuck in one place. Meanwhile, based on how he treated his wife, many Married at First Sight fans wondered if he went on the show for publicity.

Married at First Sight: Amber Bowles

Married at First Sight: Who is Amber’s New Man?

Matt and wife Amber had a tense meeting in the recent Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now special with host Kevin Frazier. Turns out the controversial couple are still technically man and wife. And, this is due to Matt Gwynne not signing the divorce papers.

But, even so, this didn’t stop Amber Bowles from moving on with a new man. And, he certainly fits the type Amber looks for. Amber recently gushed about her new man. And, she included a handful of happy snaps of the pair. Currently, there’s not much information about him. But, most viewers are happy for her. And, many think he’s an upgrade from Matt Gwynne.

She said time with her new man is an “adventure”. And, she is glad to be part of it. Most importantly, Amber Bowles seems happy with her new boyfriend. And, after everything she went through with Matt on Married at First Sight, most watchers are happy she found someone new.

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