‘Married at First Sight’: Amani & Woody Randall Cut a Deal on Kids

Married at First Sight‘s Amani and Woody Randall spoke about kids with Pastor Cal Roberson right after the honeymoon. In fact, Woody said he was trying to have a honeymoon baby with Amani.

Married at First Sight: Eager Woody Randall Wants Kids Right Away

When Woody Randall said he was trying to have a baby on the honeymoon, fans freaked out. MAFS star Amani just laughed about it. But the experts didn’t think it was a laughing matter.

Besides the desire to have a child, Woody also wants to have a Scorpio baby. So, on Married at First Sight, he put the moves on Amani to get pregnant right away. Amani told him that he needed to calm down.

Amani, of Married at First Sight, told Woody that she wasn’t trying to have a kid this early. But when they disagree, it’s rarely an angry argument, it’s usually playful. Despite their disagreement, they kept being sweet to each other.

Married at First Sight: Woody Randall - Amani

Amani Bargains Over Baby

While Amani doesn’t want to have a baby, she does want to get a dog. Woody, on Married at First Sight, said he doesn’t want a smelly dog and that they would have to keep the dog outside. Amani gave him a crazy look and said, “No way.”

Woody Randall told Amani he would be okay with a dog if they had a baby too. But Amani said that didn’t make any sense at all. Why would it be easier to have a dog when you have a baby?

On Married at First Sight, Woody said has always wanted a child, and one of his ex-girlfriends chose to end a pregnancy. So, Amani understands Woody Randall’s desire to have a baby, but she said she’s not ready yet. But she wants a child with her husband later because Amani’s committed to him.

Married at First Sight - Woody Randall - Amani

Married at First Sight Update: Woody & Wife Strike a Deal

Despite a lot of back and forth, neither Woody Randall nor Amani are getting what they want. In fact, they decided together that they would wait on both the dog and the baby. And Amani told Woody that they could still have a baby that falls under being a Scorpio. But they couldn’t have it this year.

Married at First Sight fans are happy the Lifetime couple is still together. But everyone is excited to see the newest MAFS infant. It looks like the next little one from the show won’t be from this couple.

In real-time, fans are glad to know that this Married at First Sight man and wife are still together and happy. But there’s no news as to whether they are planning a new Randall for the family.

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