‘Married at First Sight’: Amani Randall Threatens Thieves

Married at First Sight‘s Amani Randall said she’s getting a little “attitude” after thieves stole from her husband, Woody Randall. Not only did she get an attitude, but she threatened them.

Married at First Sight: Amani Randall & Woody Randall Equal the Perfect Match

Amani Randall and Woody Randall made fans fall in love during the 11th season of MAFS. Viewers said that they may be the best match the experts have ever made. Amani and Woody hit it off immediately at their wedding.

Lifetime’s Woody flirted hard with his new wife, and it won Amani over. Married at First Sight fans loved seeing the couple fall in love. Woody Randall took the love plunge first, but Amani Randall was close behind.

Viewers of Married at First Sight worried the quarantine would put a lot of strain on the relationship. But it actually brought Amani closer to her hubby Woody. And she’s glad to stick up for her man.

Married at First Sight: Woody Randall - Amani Randall

Amani Calls Out Theft

Woody Randall has a special license plate for his BMW. He’s very proud of it, and Amani isn’t happy that her Married at First Sight husband was robbed. The plate says “BAT 1 Gotham City” and “Alumni Baylor University.”

Amani Randall said that someone took the license plate. It upset her so much that she got the hiccups. She said not only did she have the hiccups, but the Married at First Sight wife had an attitude.

Amani of Married at First Sight said she was not playing with the thieves. And that they needed to bring it back right away. Fans said they were sorry that someone would do that to them.

Married at First Sight: Amani Randall - Woody Randall

Married at First Sight: Happily Married & Having Fun

Amani and Woody are adjusting well to marriage. In fact, Amani Randall kept saying that she can’t believe how natural it seems. She said she had worries in the beginning because she thought it would be more difficult.

Despite her fears, it seems like they both feel good about their union. They did have to work out their closet situation since both of them love fashion. Woody kept the closet in their room, and Amani Randall took over the guest room as her closet.

Married at First Sight viewers thought it was cool to see where they moved. The couple lives a few doors down from good friends, Miles Williams and Karen Landry. And the couples said they hang out about every other day and go on trips together for maximum fun.

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