‘Married at First Sight’: AJ Vollmoeller Has Favorite Couple for Season 11

Married at First Sight‘s AJ Vollmoeller recently commented on his favorite couple for MAFS season 11. He said that he liked that they didn’t have a bunch of drama.

Married at First Sight: AJ Vollmoeller Just Wants to Travel

It seems like AJ Vollmoeller is getting a little bored in quarantine. He and his Married at First Sight wife, Stephanie Sersen, have been traveling. But they can’t travel all of the time, so what can they do?

AJ decided watches MAFS on Lifetime and said that Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner are a good couple. In fact, he said that a drama-free couple is what everyone needs.

During AJ Vollmoeller’s time on Married at First Sight, he and his wife had drama. But it seems like AJ didn’t want that to be the case. And now they seem like they are pretty calm around each other most of the time.

Married at First Sight Spoilers: AJ Vollmoeller - Stephanie Sersen

Is AJ Right About Bennett & Amelia?

AJ Vollmoeller seems to have on rose-colored glasses about Amelia and Bennett. And it’s the same way with the rest of the Married at First Sight fans. But there are some serious conversations that need to happen.

Asking things like whether each other likes to travel or how they plan on living their daily lives is important. But as of right now, it seems like Amelia Fatsi and her husband Bennett Kirschner of Married at First Sight want to let things ride. Even Pastor Cal Roberson warned them against hoping that everything will work out.

Fans wonder what marriage advice AJ might give the Married at First Sight couple. But it doesn’t seem like he has any words of wisdom to offer them. Viewers wonder if Stephanie would think AJ is a good marriage advisor or if he should focus on her and their marriage.

Married at First Sight: Bennett Kirschner - Amelia Fatsi

Married at First Sight: Season 11 Wrapping Up Soon

Things are all out of whack when it comes to the season 11 episodes. The self-taping by video diary isn’t too strange. Everyone is used to that, but things are different since MAFS couples can’t go out and get close to people for outings.

Soap Dirt also reported that couples had longer to decide on their marriage due to quarantine as well. One of Married at First Sight star Karen’s friends said that she might not have given Miles a chance without the quarantine. But we also know that they stay together.

Amelia had to get ready to go to her residency, so fans wonder how that worked out. The reunion show taped in August, and we’ll soon see what happened with all of the couples.

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