‘Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition’: Tiffany Campbell and Lil Fizz’ Still Together?

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition reality stars Tiffany Campbell and Lil’ Fizz have had a troubled relationship. But are they still together? Sources reveal they aren’t. In addition, Tiffany Campbell is currently pregnant. However, Lil’ Fizz may not necessarily be the father.

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition: Lil’ Fizz and Tiffany Campbell Status Update

Tiffany Campbell and Lil’ Fizz started their relationship amid controversy. The duo were both Love and Hip Hop Hollywood cast mates. They both shared a connection. Lil’ Fizz’s baby mama, Moniece Slaughter, once dated Tiffany’s good friend A.D. However, she and A.D. are no longer friends. Viewers initially assumed they stopped being friendly due to drama with Moniece. But A.D. said that isn’t true.

However, born out of all the mess, Tiffany Campbell and Lil’ Fizz became an item. But their relationship is rocky. On MBCHH, she claims Lil’ Fizz only desired her for sex – – he didn’t want a relationship. But, initially Tiffany wanted more than just a sexual connection. 

MBCHH: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Apparently, on the show, Lil’ Fizz isn’t in love. On the show, he constantly reminds his cast mate of this fact. But this doesn’t stop Tiffany from wanting to make it work. The duo faces many challenges on the show including physical challenges, deep conversations, and “court sessions” with Judge Lynn Toler. But will boot camp help the pair? 

Sources say Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition filmed nearly a year ago. Therefore, it is very likely the couple ended their “situationship” a while ago. Especially since Tiffany Campbell posted pictures of another man on her Instagram profile. Fans of the show are slightly deceived regarding their relationship status.

Who is Tiffany Campbell’s Baby Daddy?

Tiffany Campbell hasn’t revealed the father of her unborn child. However, spectators have narrowed it down to Lil’ Fizz or her current suspected guy. In addition, she hasn’t revealed how many months pregnant she is. Many fans have argued, the baby can potentially be Lil’ Fizz’s due to the timeline of the breakup. She appeared at the MBCHH premiere with baby in tow. But, it’s all a mystery for now. No doubt, details will come out soon. 


MBCHH – Lil Fizz Father Issues

On the most recent episode, Lil’ Fizz discussed his daddy issues. While sitting down with a boot camp counselor, the reality star revealed his father abandoned him as a child. His counselor suggested this may be the reason he has so many failed relationships. Lil’ Fizz acknowledged this fact.

Sadly, he stated his relationships don’t last longer than about nine months. This may be why he had so many problems with Tiffany Campbell. He expects perfection, which is hard to achieve. Initially, he is attracted to the honeymoon phase of a relationship, but as it progresses, he grows cold. This explains a lot. Stay tuned for MBCHH on Thursday nights at 10/9 PM central!

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