Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition Spoilers: Couples Rap Battle – Soulja Boy and Nia Riley Argue

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition spoilers show Nia Riley gets real in a rap battle with Soulja Boy. Things are loaded this week with relationship drama. Couples will perform and express their feelings. As a result, past hurts resurface and hearts will be further damaged. True feelings will be exposed, wreaking havoc in the couple’s mansion.

Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition: Soulja Boy and Nia Riley’s Rap Battle Nightmare

Soulja Boy and Nia Riley have been dating for nearly ten years. However, they’ve experienced relationship woes for a while now. Soulja Boy cheated several times. He also disrespected Nia Riley on social media calling her vulgar names. The pair have been off and on so much that the strength of the relationship has weakened.

The Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition duo have appeared on reality television in the past. Love and Hip Hop Hollywood revealed their troubles in season one. Soulja Boy was on tour constantly. As a result, women flooded his presence. There’s one thing that’s been consistent this season. was worried about his faithfulness then as well.

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Nia Riley vs Soulja Boy on Marriage Boot Camp

In the second episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, Nia Riley and Soulja Boy will severely clash. During Nia’s rap battle segment, she will mention losing a baby. She will also mention Soulja Boy acting like a “baby.” Losing a child is a sore spot for Nia.

After the rap battle, Soulja Boy and Nia will argue. Soulja Boy will disrespect Nia, per usual, with curse words. She will respond negatively. Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition cast mates will witness the argument, and attempt to intervene. However, disrespecting Nia Riley is a continuous thing for Soulja Boy.

Lil’ Mo and Karl Dargan Face Infidelity

Lil’ Mo and Karl Dargan have also faced multiple cheating accusations. Karl Dargan has admittedly been unfaithful. His wife made multiple online discoveries of his involvement with other females. Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition will revisit these allegations repeatedly.

On this episode, Lil’ Mo will discuss her husband’s unfaithfulness via her rap lyrics during the battle. She’s been married twice before, six years each. She states she doesn’t want to be married another six years with a person she isn’t meant to be with.

A Marriage Bootcamp: Hip Hop Edition Relationship Failure

Lil’ Fizz (Dreux) and Tiffany Campbell have an uncertain relationship history and future. However, during episode two of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition they will not be an official couple. According to Tiffany, they parted ways approximately two weeks prior to filming. But, she still wants a future. Lil’ Fizz isn’t absolutely sure he will want one.

Tiffany will discover Lil’ Fizz’s comment regarding her being just a sex buddy during their courtship. However, Tiffany will be unaware of his beliefs. Lil’ Fizz’s remarks will cause an uproar. A common occurrence in this household! Stay tuned for Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition on Thursday nights at 10/9 central on WE Tv.

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