‘Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition’: Soulja Boy Unbothered Amid Kidnapping Allegations

Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition cast member Soulja Boy is apparently unbothered by recent kidnapping allegations. Recent posts on social media reveal he’s enjoying life per usual. On Saturday, a young woman named Kayla claimed Soulja Boy tied her up with an extension cord for an extended period of time.

Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition: Kidnapping Allegations

A young lady named Kayla, claims Soulja Boy kicked and punched her this past Saturday. She also alleges the hip-hop rapper tied her up with an extension cord for approximately six hours.

Sources reveal the mystery lady was allegedly at the Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition star’s home in Agoura Hills near Los Angeles on Friday night. Early Saturday morning, the pair began arguing and she was instructed to leave. Upon leaving, she backed out of the driveway in her car, hitting the curb. 

Immediately, Soulja Boy’s assistant approached her regarding her recklessness. Reportedly, the two began fighting. Sources also reveal that the reality star attempted to stop the fight, but was unsuccessful. Kayla claimed he punched and kicked her while she was defenseless on the ground. He then proceeded to tie her to a chair in a garage for approximately six hours, per the victim. 

Afterwards, the female contacted the police department on Saturday morning. Additionally, she went to the hospital for treatment. She claims as a result of the beating, she has three fractured ribs and a concussion. None of this is good news for Soulja Boy if it is indeed factual. He is currently on a five-year probation for weapons conviction. Therefore, he is not allowed to threaten any person or possess a weapon. The Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition star’s manager believes the claims are false. However, TMZ states he has been unable to contact him.

Soulja Boy Unbothered 

Evidently, the Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition cast member is unbothered by the situation. He was recently seen on Instagram flirting with Instagram model Tiona Fernan. His Instagram story includes a dedication to her stating “thinking about you.” Reportedly, she’s his new love interest. The two have claimed each other via their IG profile descriptions.

In addition, he’s also promoting a new music video, “Cut Dat Check.” The rapper encourages fans to support his music career per usual. So apparently, he’s staying away from commenting on the kidnapping claims. He’s also seen hanging out with his friends and partying quite a bit.

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