‘Mama Medium’: Talks to the Dead – Sons Have Gift As Well

Mama Medium is Jennie Marie Cancelmi and she’ll not only talk to the dead but she’ll see things in the future on her new TLC show premiering tonight. Already the social media sites are filled with Mama Medium chats, both with skeptics and believers alike.

Mama Medium – Jennie Marie the Psychic

While Jennie Marie is a psychic, she has so much more to offer than that. Mama Medium joins TLC as another person with abilities from the state of New York. Theresa Caputo is well-known as the Long Island Medium. She was the first medium to get her own show on TLC with her gift of talking to the dead.

Now it’s Mama Medium from upstate New York but she is a fourth generation empathic psychic. It’s in her genes apparently!  Theresa Caputo is from New York as well but Jennie Marie hails from Rochester, New York. Mama Medium lives upstate and inland in comparison to Long Island,  New York, where Theresa Caputo lives.

Jennie Marie Started Seeing the Dead as a Young Girl

Mama Medium realized as a young girl she had special abilities. She was 7-years-old when her late great-grandmother saw this in her. At 11, she couldn’t play soccer without feeling the pain of her teammates each time they got hurt.

Not only is Mama Medium’s ability to talk to the dead entertaining but she has a past in comedy. So Jennie Marie will not only dazzle you with her special abilities but she’ll keep you laughing as well.

Psychic and Medium – She is Both

Unlike Theresa Caputo who calls herself a medium and not a psychic, Mama Medium is both, according to TLC. Jennie Marie is a “psychic medium” which means she has multiple talents when it comes to the supernatural. She can sense a future and she has the ability to do empathetic readings.

Even as far back as middle school, this Mama could peg the couples who would stay together and the couples who wouldn’t. These premonitions would come to her when her friends would wonder if this or that couple would last.

Fourth Generation Psychic In Her Family

While three generations before her could do the same thing, Jennie Marie is the first one out of her family to use this gift as a career. During a recent interview, Mama Medium explains how it wasn’t something they talked about growing up. Jennie Marie said:

“Growing up, we didn’t talk about it. Every medium has different gifts and I’m the only one who is public with mine in the way that I am.”

Mama Medium – Three Out of Her Four Sons Display the Signs

Along with watching Jennie’s gift on Mama Medium, you will also meet her four sons, in which three display signs of having this ability as well. According to her latest interviews, you will see this play out on her show this season.

Another fun fact, she didn’t tell her husband about her abilities before they married. It wasn’t until she realized she passed it along to her kids that she shared her special gift with her husband.

As far as her Mama Medium show – Jennie Marie saw this coming. She told her husband four years ago that she’d have a show of her own. His answer was a solid “no.” She jokes how she brought it up to him every year and he still would say “no.” But as things happened, it’s all come together… just like she said.

Mama Medium premieres on TLC, Monday, November 5, at 9 p.m. EST. Come back to Soap Dirt for more reality show and TLC news and spoilers