‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ – Who Has Custody of Honey Boo Boo Now? Update on Shannon Family

Mama June: From Not to Hot viewers want to know who has custody of Alana Thompson (Honey Boo Boo) now that June Shannon is clean. Last we knew, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon was Alana’s legal guardian. But, is that still the case, or did Mama finally get her youngest daughter back?

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Pumpkin Fights for Her Sister

Mama June: From Not to Hot followers know Pumpkin Shannon will do whatever it takes to keep Alana Thompson safe. Clearly, she has proved that and has stepped up for Alana. Of course, it was not easy. Especially, because she has 2-year-old little Ella Efird as well. And, it’s extremely hard on Alana who just wants her mom back.

However, Pumpkin was there for her and things may have been a lot worse if she wasn’t. Even Jennifer Lamb Thompson had kind words to say about Pumpkin stepping up for Alana. Although, you wouldn’t know it because she wanted to take Alana away from Pumpkin on Mama June: From Not to Hot. 

Mama June: From Not To Hot - Alana Thompson - Pumpkin Shannon - Josh Efird

Jennifer and Alana Thompson’s Dad Wants her With with Them

Mama June: From Not to Hot star Jennifer and Alana’s dad Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson were pushing for Alana to be in their care. However, Sugar Bear was a bit reluctant while Jennifer was gung-ho about it. But, some people suspect Jennifer has ulterior motives for filing for guardianship.

Now, many folks feel she is so eager to become Alana’s guardian so she can get her 15 minutes of fame. Plus, Alana doesn’t believe her father wants her to live with them at all. According to Mama he never wanted her because she’s a girl. So, he might only have been on board because of Jennifer on Mama June: From Not to Hot.

Mama June: From Not To Hot - Jennifer Thompson - Mike (Sugar Bear) Thompson

Did Mama June Get Alana Back?

Right now, the burning question for Mama June: From Not to Hot fans is who has Alana Thompson now? Surely, viewers know Pumpkin had custody but it was temporary. And, things may have changed now that Mama is clean and doing so well. No doubt, she looks healthy and happy. Plus, her relationship with Geno Doak seems to be stronger and healthier.

Also, she has things together now and might be done motel hopping and in a suitable home. So, there are many reasons why Mama might regain custody of her. However, as of now, it looks like she is still with her big sis Pumpkin. But, if Mama keeps up the good work she may get Honey Boo Boo back under her roof.

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