‘Mama Chantel’: Karen Gives Advice That She Doesn’t Follow Herself

Mama Chantel’s lead Karen Everett is taking to sharing her motherly advice with her fans on a new showInstead of spending all of her time focusing on the filming of The Family Chantel, she’s using her knowledge and experience to help others.

Mama Chantel: Star Karen Everett’s Guiding Word

Since the filming of 90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel, actress Karen has become popular for her motherly guidance. However, this guidance isn’t always necessary in certain situations. One situation where she should have followed some of her own view was during the famous dinner party.

When a physical fight broke out at her dinner, she didn’t do much to calm the situation down. During this event, Karen’s family, including her daughter Chantel, participated in a fight. The fight burst out between River, her son, and Chantel’s husband Pedro.

As the fight escalated, Karen ended up ripping the wig off of Pedro’s sister. This leaves many fans wondering why now, this Mama Chantel cast is now giving other people her opinion.

This party featured a fight between Chantel, Karen’s daughter, and Pedro.

Mama Chantel: Karen Everett

Misguiding Help from Motherly Figure

The Mama Chantel personality is taking to giving her helpful advice. In this TLC spin-off, Karen is sent in letters from her fans. These letters outline situations that her fans are currently in. The fans are asking for help from Karen Everett.

And this show is described to answer questions about family, love, or any other type of life lesson. Karen Everett sits in a pink satin robe to set the mood for answering questions.

In the latest episode of Mama Chantel, Karen Everett answers a question from a fan who is unsure of how to confront their family about UFOs. She happily shares with her fans that it’s a bad idea to do this. During the answering of this question, Karen’s large personality is certainly on display.

Mama Chantel: Karen Everett

Mama Chantel: More Life Advice from Karen Everett

This Mama Chantel favorite may not always be the best place to go to for aid. That doesn’t mean that the pieces of advice that she’s offering aren’t a perfect representation of the quirky side that Karen showed during 90 Day Fiance.

She and her family continue to film other TLC shows. Yet, many are left wondering if this show highlighting Karen Everett’s information will take on a full series. How long TLC will be starring her on these small clips is also unknown. Thankfully, the advice that she does offer is humorous, to say the least.

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