‘Love Island’: Moira Tumas to Ready to Couple Up with New Guy?

Love Island‘s Moira Tumas has been sweet on James McCool since day one. But it looks like she’s backpedaling a little bit. In fact, she’s talking to her friends and saying that James is moving too fast.

Love Island: Trouble In Paradise for Moira Tumas and James McCool?

One of the Love Island couples everyone is ga-ga for is Moira Tumas and her sweetheart James McCool. They hit it off right away and everyone thinks they are adorable. But trouble has been brewing for a little bit now.

The first problem was that CBS’ James McCool wanted to take it to the next level. James wanted to have sex and Moira Tumas was pumping the breaks. Of course, James wanted to have sex. Remember, he’s the one that aired his baggage that he went home with two married women as a plaything?

Whatever the case, the first nail in the coffin was the text about Love Island star Moira having a date. She went and had her date with the new guy and wasn’t planning on liking him. But it looks like her plans are failing.

Love Island: Moira Tumas - James McCool

James Questions Moira

When Moira Tumas got back from her data with the new guy from Love Island, James wasn’t happy. Moira and her bed buddy James sat down and she couldn’t look at him. James said he could tell that she was at least feeling her date a little bit.

Moira’s friend Mackenzie Dipman said that she didn’t have anything to worry about. And that it wasn’t like she and James were dating or anything. But it doesn’t seem like that’s how James is feeling about things.

When she said she was feeling the new islander a little bit, Love Island superstar James was super upset. He stomped off and the guys said that is the worst thing he could do. In fact, in the teaser, the guys were trying to calm James McCool down, so he didn’t upset Moira Tumas even worse.

Love Island: Moira Tumas

Love Island: Here Comes the Drama

James McCool said, “You want drama?” And it looked like he was talking about production. But fans of Love Island were confused about why he was upset.

Whatever the case, it looks like James is pushing Moira away with his creepy antics. At first, he kept bringing up having sex as a way to get to know each other and now he’s freaking out over her going on a date?

It’s not looking great for James, but some Love Island viewers are still team Moira and James. Everyone is trying to stay coupled up, so they don’t have to leave Love Island like Kaitlynn Anderson did. But fans aren’t sure this newcomer is going to find Moira’s roadside potty antics as endearing as James did.

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