‘Love Island’: Mackenzie Dipman First Girl in Tears

Love Island’s Mackenzie Dipman was the first girl to turn on the waterworks in season 2. But fans thought her reason for crying was a little lame. Either way, everyone knows these tears are just the first of many to come as the show goes on.

Love Island: Mackenzie Dipman Pairs Up with Connor Durman

For someone that says he doesn’t have a lot of game, Connor Durman has Love Island star Mackenzie Dipman’s attention. She is a smitten kitten that is part of what got her in trouble on the show already. When she coupled up with Connor, they quickly decided they were very much together.

Everything was smooth sailing. But then Johnny Middlebrooks came into the mix. Johnny got to steal one of the ladies from a couple. Right away, it was pretty clear that there were two women he had his eye on—Cely Vazquez and Kaitlynn Anderson.

Johnny ended up picking Cely, and everything was back to smooth sailing. Well, that was until the two new girls popped in, and Love Island cast member Johnny made Mackenzie cry.

Love Island: Connor Trott

Johnny Teases Mackenzie About Connor

Mackenzie from Love Island informed the new girls that there were two couples that were “very coupled up.” Of course, she and Connor, but then also Moira Tumas and James McCool. Mackenzie then went on to say that the girls should talk to everyone and see who they liked.

Johnny teased and said, “Yeah, except for Connor.” And everyone could see Mackenzie Dipman’s face drop. Everyone was laughing except for Mackenzie, and she got up to walk away. Yes, she was crying.

But that was only after saying that she didn’t control Connor. And that people should learn to take a joke. And the narrator pointed out that was right after she couldn’t take a joke.

Love Island: Cast

Love Island: 2 Day Boyfriend Fails

Justine Ndiba from Love Island went after Mackenzie Dipman to see if she was okay. They walked off, and Connor Durman did not follow. And this really upset Mackenzie since she thought her boyfriend of 2 days should come and see how she was.

Later, she told Connor that he should have followed her. He looked a little confused, but he said that he was going to do better. He said he wanted her to know he was there for her.

It looks like Mackenzie might be the Love Island crier for this season. But we’ll have to keep watching the CBS show to see how everything plays out.

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