‘Love Is Blind’: Who Is Hotter Jessica Batten or Amber Pike – Fans Weigh In

Love Is Blind‘s Jessica Batten and Amber Pike were two of the most talked-about ladies on the Netflix show. People are still talking as more viewers watch to see what’s all the fuss. Fans are already picking sides as to which lady they prefer. And more than who they like — who’s hotter? Jessica or Amber?

Love Is Blind: Jessica Batten Talks to Barnett Behind Amber Pike’s Back

One of the reasons many fans of Love Is Blind on Netflix can’t stand Jessica Batten is she went behind Amber Pike’s back, creeping on Matt Barnett after the engagement. While many people say Barnett was just as much to blame for talking to Jessica, others disagree. The consensus among most fans is that Jessica is the villain for continuing to go after Barnett and for leading on Mark Cuevas. Meanwhile, Amber stayed loyal to her man – and resisted slapping her rival.

The Jessica-Barnett-Amber triangle was one of the hotter points in Love Is Blind. And many were interested to see who was getting busy and who wasn’t. There was even a hot scene with Amber Pike and drunk Jessica Batten at the bar. Fans say it looked like Jessica kissed Amber Pike like she wished she was kissing Barnett. It definitely had people tuning in – and still does.

Love Is Blind: Jessica Batten

Jessica Batten Gets Sexy on Social Media

Jessica Batten, from Love Is Blind, shows her sexy side on social media. Even though many fans made her out as the villain, she’s embracing her fame. Jessica is now living in LA, taking photos with movie stars, and enjoys riding her bike around the beach and pier.

Well, she was doing all those things before COVID-19 derailed Jessica Batten’s plans. Now, Jessica shares her best tips for working from home and does funny dance videos with the Love Is Blind ladies. You can see one of her sexy social pics above.

Love Is Blind: Matt Barnett - Amber Pike

Love Is Blind: Amber Pike and Barnett Show Off Their Year of Fun

Amber Pike has her own brand of sexy. After Love Is Blind on Netflix finished filming, Amber Pike and husband Barnett enjoyed a year of fun. Amber and her hubby went to a lot of festivals and dressed up in Pokemon outfits, wore green hair, and much more.

Fans say they love seeing all the things Barnett did with Amber during their year of fun. None of the cast could share who got married and who didn’t. They were under contract with Netflix to not share any info from after Love Is Blind — until after the show aired. Now, the couple shares plenty of photos and does a lot of interviews.

So which of the LIB ladies do you think is hotter? Most fans say they think Amber Pike is hotter than Jessica Batten, but many viewers think both of them are annoying. No matter if you prefer Amber or Jessica, it’s clear we can expect plenty more hot pics from both Amber Pike and co-star Jessica Batten.

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