‘Love Is Blind’: Kelly Chase Not on the Show to Get Married Fans Say

Love Is Blind‘s Kelly Chase has people questioning if she was on the show for love or business. Many think that not only was Kelly not into Kenny, but she never wanted to find love. The lack of chemistry and interest on the show isn’t all the fans have to go on to prove their theory.

Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Kelly Chase Chasing Fame and Money – Not Marriage?

Kelly Chase was never really into Kenny Barnes fans say. The awkward beach scene on Love Is Blind with her washing his hair was enough to raise some eyebrows. The other clues people are using to say the whole relationship was a joke to Kelly? One big sign for fans was the lack of sex.

Kelly Chase and fiance Kenny were the only couple to not seal the deal during the show. While Jessica and Mark took a while to get there, it finally did happen. But the guys kept asking about things and viewers say you could see it on his face that he was upset about the lack of a physical relationship.

Love Is Blind: Kelly Chase

Love is Blind Star Is a Promotional Machine – Was Her Appearance a Fame Grab?

When viewers try to find out what is happening with Kelly from Love Is Blind, they don’t find anything about a lady looking for love. And what they do find is an infomercial about her fitness coaching business. But let’s not forget the bra photo Kelly reposted to look like an inspirational post. Viewers aren’t buying it.

If Kelly’s goal was to gain fame from the show and make it big in the fitness world, Kelly may not get her wish. Most people going to look at her social media say it is an overly promotional mess and ineffective advertising. The fans wanted to see people genuinely looking for marriage and don’t appreciate being frauded.

Love Is Blind: Kelly Chase

Kelly Chase Moves on With Her Life and So Does Kenny

At the Love Is Blind reunion for the hot Netflix reality show, Kelly and Kenny didn’t have much to say to each other. They sat together in what seemed like forced awkwardness to be nice. Viewers say they look like they were just trying to make it through the reunion. But without anyone finding out they had no plan of getting married — even when Kelly said yes.

At the reunion, Kenny already had a new girlfriend that seems pretty serious and fans are glad to see that.

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