‘Love Is Blind’: Damian Powers Secret Reality TV Ambitions

Love Is Blind‘s Damian Powers talks about his secret reality TV ambitions. He says he’s never showed this to anyone. What is it Damian has been hiding? Continue reading to find out more about Damian’s desire for reality stardom.

Netflix’s Love Is Blind: Damian Powers Craves the Spotlight?

On Love Is Blind, he said he was hardly on social media. He jabbed back at Giannina for being on her Instagram all of the time when she asked him to be off his phone. The two of them seem to want the spotlight, but he may have been after it for even longer.

We’ve seen modeling photos of Damian Powers that go back several years. Now the Love Is Blind star is doing more photoshoots and getting in the spotlight as much as possible. Why not enjoy his 15 minutes of fame after the show?

Love Is Blind: Damian Powers

Netflix: Dramatic and Shut Down During Taping Love Is Blind

Some Love Is Blind fans say Damian Powers is not looking for love and that his relationship with Giannina Gibelli is staged for the stardom. During the show moments that didn’t need any drama, they seem drawn out and overdone. Some fans say they see where the video of Damian and Giannina in the car was heavily edited to make it work.

While Damian sends out shut down vibes on the show, things seem to be better in his relationship after finishing the Love Is Blind season. Did they think Giannina followers wanted to see love and connection instead of drama? And what show did Damian apply to?

Love Is Blind: Damian Powers

Damian Powers Audition Never Went Through

When Damian Powers was 21, he sent an audition tape in to Survivor. At least, he thought he did. He put together video clips, and photos to show he would be a good pick. He shows himself working out, running, and shooting a bow and arrow.

The outfit has got to be a fan favorite. Many people say this is a priceless look for the Love Is Blind contestant. Damian never heard back from the show. After a year, he went back into his email and checked the file to find it never went through because it was too large.

Will Damian continue to try to appear on other reality television? Or is he done now that he’s found love? We will keep an eye on him to see what happens next.

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