‘Love Is Blind’: Carlton Morton Can’t Get Over Diamond Jack – Battles Fans

Love Is Blind‘s Carlton Morton was engaged to Diamond Jack on the Netflix show. You’ll remember Carlton as the one who was afraid to come out about being a bisexual male. After a major blow up at the pool in Mexico, he and Diamond went their separate ways.

Diamond Jack Rejected Carlton Morton at the Love Is Blind Reunion

While Diamond Jack said she forgave Carlton Morton during the Love Is Blind reunion, she did say no to a date. Fans say Carlton seemed like he was going to let it go. And it seemed like he was happy that they weren’t fighting anymore.

Both Diamond and Carlton said they were dealing with death threats because of the show. Some viewers thought Diamond Jack was homophobic and others were upset with Carlton for how he treated Diamond. Nick and Vanessa Lachey talked about this on the reunion saying it is easy to be a keyboard warrior.

Tiger King: Diamond Jack - Carlton Morton

Carlton Morton Goes Off on Fans

And speaking of keyboard warriors talking about Love Is Blind, how about Carlton Morton is having it out with fans? He keeps posting photos of him and Diamond Jack and how he wants to get back together. Apparently, Diamond blocked him on Instagram and viewers don’t think he’s taken the hint.

Many think Carlton keeps going after Diamond Jack because he wants the fame of being a Love Is Blind couple that made it. Other people think he is just that desperate for love and his plan is that he is going to keep stalking her until she gives in. Carlton even posted the video of the rush challenge that Love Is Blind ladies did the other day.

Tiger King: Diamond Jack

Love Is Blind: Diamond Jack Is Living Her Best Life

Why wouldn’t Carlton or anyone else want to date Diamond Jack? She is living an amazing life and showing off as well. Fans think she may have blocked Carlton so he wouldn’t have to see how fabulous she is looking. Many noticed she had put on a good deal of weight at the reunion.

The photos she is sharing now have fans doing a double tape. People are even doing screenshots of her and Lauren Speed from their video they did dancing in front of the TV. It doesn’t look like Diamond is slowing down at all and she is even more determined to create her best life.

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