‘Love and Hip Hop’ Wedding: Kimbella and Juelz Finally Get Married

Love and Hip Hop couple Kimbella Vanderhees and Juelz Santana officially married on January 10. The couple announced and displayed their wedding photos on Instagram. The event was star studded. Many of their Love and Hip Hop castmates were present. Bridesmaids included Yandy Smith, Cyn Santana, and Juliet Casteneda (Juju).

Love and Hip Hop Proposal – Kimbella Vanderhees & Juelz Santana

Kimbella and Juelz became engaged in November of 2018. The rapper proposed to his longtime girlfriend at a Diplomats concert at the famous Apollo Theater. The Love and Hip Hop pair have been in a relationship for 10 years. They have two kids together, Juelz and Bella.

The rapper called her his lady. He said she has been “rocking with me for a long, long time”. In his proposal, the Love and Hip Hop star declared that he loves her, called her his queen and said that’s why he wanted to propose in front of the crowd.

L&HH Trouble in Paradise – Kimbella and Juelz

The Love and Hip Hop wedding couple have had a challenging relationship over the years. Unfortunately, Juelz Santana has been unfaithful several times. Kimbella Vanderhees has also allegedly cheated. She admitted to sleeping with rapper Fabolous.

Allegedly Juelz lost his temper and threw Kimbella Vanderhees against a car. As a result, she reportedly called the police. Obviously, the duo have experienced plenty throughout the years. However, now they are stronger than ever.

Forever in Love – Kimbella and Juelz Get Married

Juelz and Kimbella entered into Love and Hip Hop holy matrimony among close friends and family. Several celebrities were also present such as Lil Kim, Cam’ron, and Jim Jones. The location was intimate, private, and quaint. The general public was unaware of it until photos surfaced online.


The Love and Hip Hop diva flaunted a strapless white wedding dress with a bouquet of different shades of pink flowers. In addition, the groom sported a black tux and tail with a maroon bow tie.

A Wedding Before Prison – Juelz Santana 

The groom was arrested in March 2018 for carrying a loaded gun into a Newark, New Jersey airport. In addition, authorities discovered oxycodone in his bag. Reportedly, the reality star became addicted to pills after major dental work. 

The Love and Hip Hop rapper proposed while awaiting sentencing. Nearly a month after he proposed, he was sentenced to 27 months in prison. However, Santana is still currently home with his family. His incarceration start date is currently unknown.

This season of Love and Hip Hop will likely air more details of the Juelz Santana and Kimbella Vanderhees wedding. For now, the couple is enjoying marital bliss, while soaking up Santana’s last few days as a free man. Hopefully, this union will be the beginning of many beautiful years to come.

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