‘Love and Hip Hop’ Spoilers: Safaree Molds Man Parts – Cyn and Joe Struggle

Love and Hip Hop spoilers reveal Safaree Samuels offer to mold his genitals has interesting details. Meanwhile, Cyn Santana and Joe Budden continue to experience relationship woes. As a result, Joe will ask Remy Ma to talk to Cyn to help solve their problems. Sidney Starr gets a makeover by Nya Lee. Yandy Smith-Harris will bring one of her mentees home.

Love and Hip Hop Spoilers: Mold King – Safaree Samuels

Safaree’s leaked photos of his genitals spread like wildfire in early 2018. Women everywhere became obsessed with his well endowed man region. Rumors have surfaced suggesting Safaree Samuels purposely leaked his own photos for popularity.

However, the Love and Hip Hop star states this isn’t true. As a result of Safaree Samuels’ privates being displayed to the world, he will receive an irresistible offer. A popular adult toy company will offer him seven figures to mold his penis.

Doc Johnson is one of the world’s most famous “toy” companies. Safaree Samuels’ junk will be molded for lots of ladies to enjoy! Women will be able to purchase one in time for Valentines Day 2019. A Love and Hip Hop memorabilia.

Trouble in Love – Joe Budden and Cyn Santana

It’s no secret Joe and Cyn have had their share of difficulties. However, in this particular episode, Joe will attempt to improve things by having Remy Ma speak to Cyn. His desire is for Remy to tell Cyn what she needs to work on. But the Love and Hip Hop Boricua will not receive things too well.

Remy suggests Cyn take a look in the mirror. The same complaints she has about Joe, are the same he has for her. Remy will remind Cyn she probably isn’t the same person he fell in love with. Cyn feels as if she is being neglected by Joe Budden. Where’s the Love and Hip Hop?


Sidney Starr Needs a Makeover

Sidney Starr and Nya Lee have become good friends. Therefore, Nya will attempt to help Sidney clean up her image. In previous episodes, Richie Dollaz asked Nya to help him “train” Sidney.

But the Love and Hip Hop transgender rapper will become offended. She doesn’t believe she will need a makeover. She’s just fine with her looks. However, Nya Lee states she appears “trashy”. Sidney will not receive this statement well either.

Love and Hip Hop Rescue Queen – Yandy Smith

Yandy Smith has a kind heart. She mentors young girls. Additionally, she’s mothering kids of her own. In this episode, one of the girls she mentors will experience trouble at home. Therefore, Yandy will attempt to save her. The young mentee is a foster child.

The Love and Hip Hop celeb will bring her home with her. But Jonathan Hernandez reminds her the trouble she may face. Harboring a minor from the foster system without permission can present legal issues. Yandy doesn’t realize this when she initially invites the child to stay with her. But this can be considered a form of kidnapping.

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