‘Love and Hip Hop New York’ Spoilers: Rich Dollaz Encourages Ashley to Stay in School, Yandy Smith and Kimbella Feud

Love and Hip Hop New York spoilers reveal Rich Dollaz continues to face family difficulties. His daughter Ashley is overly stressed from her mother’s assault charges. Therefore, she wants to drop out of school. Yandy Smith and Kimbella continue to feud. Joe Budden contemplates proposing to Cyn Santana.

Love and Hip Hop New York Spoilers: Will Ashley Stay in School?

Her mother’s assault charges traumatized Rich Dollaz’ daughter Ashley. Therefore, she will suggest dropping out of school. Things will be very stressful for her and difficult to handle. So removing herself from school appears to be a resolution. However, the Love and Hip Hop New York star prefers that his daughter remain in school for obvious reasons.

Miracle Kaye Hall (Rich Dollaz’ baby mama) was charged with assault after shooting her husband. Then, she ran into trouble with a plea deal. As a matter of fact, recent episodes revealed she may not get one. Sadly, Rich believes this is because she didn’t have a decent lawyer – only a public defender. All in all, the situation has been very stressful for the entire family. Especially for Rich and Miracle’s daughter. So much so, she wants to drop out. However, her father will not make it easy.

Love and Hip Hop New York Spoilers: Yandy Smith and Kimbella Feud

Yandy Smith and Kimbella have been friends for a very long time. However, they aren’t getting along now. Kimbella accuses Yandy of being artificial. She claims Yandy performs acts of kindness only to be recognized on social media. In addition, she says Yandy became a foster mother only for exposure. Of course, Yandy defends herself. She believes Kimbella is being spiteful.

On the upcoming episode of Love and Hip Hop New York, the pair tries to talk it out. However, the meeting does not go well. The two divas continue to argue and accomplish nothing. As a matter of fact, they’ll almost get into an altercation. Their feud will be ongoing. Will they ever be close friends again? Things aren’t looking too good for the ex-besties.

Love and Hip Hop New York Spoilers: Joe Budden Contemplates a Proposal

Joe Budden and Cyn Santana have been together a while now but aren’t married. All of Joe’s male friends believe he should propose soon. In the upcoming episode, Cyn Santana hints she’s ready for a wedding. But will the Love and Hip Hop New York rapper make a move? Or will he feel pressured? He shares worries on their recent relationship difficulties. Will the couple eventually take the next step?

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