Love After Lockup: WE TV Season Extended with More Episodes

Love After Lockup is a hit. So much so that the current season will have more episodes. Along with the on-camera drama, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in real-time. Added to this, updates pour in daily from all over social media. Sharp Entertainment definitely has a runaway hit on their hands with this show. Luckily for LAL viewers, the current season will have 10 more episodes.

Love After Lockup Gets 10-Episode Extension

Rather than carrying over into a new season, the current season of Love After Lockup will extend. Deadline notes that the increase in episodes brings the second season total to 24 episodes. Along with getting more from couples watchers know, Angela and Tony’s story continues. Added to the drama going on between the current couples, there will be even more to delve into.

These new Love After Lockup episodes will kick in come spring. Deadline also notes that audience response is the primary reason for more episodes. Based on the numbers, LAL was the fastest-growing reality series of 2018. Further, the show is definitely carrying that momentum with it into the new year. At one point midway through the current season, viewer numbers reached an all-time high of 1.3 million.

Love After Lockup Fan Response

The numbers and figures are definitely there when it comes to measuring the metrics. Added to this, viewers talk about the show on a daily basis all across social media. There are numerous groups dedicated to bringing viewers information on the cast members in real-time. This also means that a good chunk of the updates are not the most flattering. But, the more scandalous the information, the more rabid the fanbase gets – picking every tidbit apart to get to the bottom of the story.

Whether fans love or hate certain couples or individual cast members, it’s a guarantee that they’re talking about them. It will certainly be interesting to see what goes on in the upcoming episodes. Along with that, more episodes means more fresh meat and more fodder to pick apart.

Angela and Tony Set to Return

It looks like Love After Lockup viewers will get to see more of Angela and Tony from the first season. Last viewers saw, Tony didn’t get released when he said he was going to. This left Angela waiting for him empty-handed. It seems Tony finally gets released. WE TV notes that he may have some competition from someone else seeking Angela’s affection. It will be interesting to see how Tony adjusts to life out of prison, and how he and Angela get on in their relationship.

Further, there’s still the ongoing drama between the current couples to keep an eye on – on top of the daily social media developments. Either way, with this 10-episode extension, there will be a lot more for hungry viewers to sink their teeth into.

Watch new episodes of Love After Lockup Friday only on WE TV.

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