‘Love After Lockup’: Tyrice and Chanda – Age Gap Too Big of a Hurdle?

Love After Lockup spoilers say things heat up for Tyrice and Chanda on the brand new season of the WEtv show. They are one of the new couples on the all-new season. And, there’s already drama based on their age difference and race. What do teasers reveal about this duo?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Meet Tyrice & Chanda

Tyrice is a father in his 50’s with grown children. And, he found the love of his life, 28-year-old Chanda, on an inmate pen pal online site. This is a common way for the non-felon cast member to meet their Love After Lockup lovers. And, at least leading up to the season premiere, that seems to work for them.

Still, heading into the Love After Lockup episodes, the huge age gap between them is definitely an early concern. And, Tyrice’s kids worry about Chanda using their father for money and other resources. Even so, Tyrice is convinced he’s not one to get hustled – especially not by his convict girlfriend.

Is Race an Issue for Chanda & Tyrice?

Along with their age difference, the fact that Chanda and boyfriend Tyrice are from different backgrounds may cause extra friction in their relationship based on the latest Love After Lockup spoilers. Those in Tyrice’s circle react with shock when they find out his inmate girlfriend is white.

Meanwhile, it’s possible this causes an issue once she gets released from the clink – in addition to the other things they deal with on this season of Love After Lockup.

On top of that, Tyrice comes across as a no-nonsense type of guy in Love After Lockup spoilers. And, when the topic of Chandra’s ethnicity comes up, he asks: “You got a problem with that?” So, it’s clear he doesn’t put up with any dissent in his circle – especially when it comes to Chanda.

Love After Lockup

Love After Lockup Star Using Her Civilian Boyfriend?

An ex-con’s motives are always big question marks heading into new Love After Lockup seasons. This is especially true when getting to know the new felons and their civilian lovers. One big question right off the bat is whether or not inmates like Chanda use people like Tyrice to get ahead once they’re out of the clink.

Meanwhile, even though it’s a valid question everyone asks themselves at some point, Tyrice has none of it based on Love After Lockup spoilers. He believes strongly that the connection he has with Chanda is legitimate. And, that she’s not using him to further her own agenda.

Tyrice comes across as a straight shooter in WEtv teasers. He even asks in clips if he looks like the type of person to let a “mothaf*****” use him. He is very confident in the connection he has with Chanda. And, whether or not that comes back to bite him as the new season progresses is something viewers will certainly find out.

Catch the season premiere of Love After Lockup. Starts Friday, on July 17th.

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