‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman Goes All Natural – Takes the Wig Off

Love After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman showed off her new style recently. Clint Brady’s former goddess changes her look often. And, she has a new look to go along with her new life in Las Vegas.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman Shows Off New Image

Tracie Wagaman showed off her new Love After Lockup look recently. And, it’s a big change when compared with what most fans are used to. Clint Brady’s ex is known for wearing an assortment of colorful wigs. And, she usually changes up her look often. But, this time around, she opted for a more natural look.

Tracie Wagaman flaunted her latest hairstyle. It’s her natural brown color. And, there are no highlights. Her hair is above her shoulders. And, compared to the long wigs she usually wears, it’s a big change. Love After Lockup celeb, Tracie, showed off what was under her wig to celebrate her 40th birthday a few months back. Viewers remember what she looked like in prison without her wigs, too. And, it looks like she went back to a more natural appearance without her usual wigs in tow.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman

Love After Lockup: New Look & New Life for Tracie Wagaman

Love After Lockup cast member Tracie Wagaman started fresh in Nevada following things ending with Clint Brady. She needed to get away and start over after that very public Love After Lockup split. And, it seems she got back on her feet in Nevada. In addition, going back to a more natural look could be a way for her to freshen up her Love After Lockup image, too.

Many Love After Lockup fans wonder how she will handle herself in a town notorious for partying. But, she seems to do well so far. She even has a new boyfriend based on the latest updates from the WEtv star. As Soap Dirt reported, Tracie Wagaman’s new boyfriend Lucas Loera has a long criminal record. So, they may prove to be a bad match down the line – especially if Tracie wants to avoid falling back into old habits.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman - Lucas Loera

WEtv Celeb Living it Up in Vegas

Tracie Wagaman seems to be soaking up all that Las Vegas has to offer. Recently, she was out and about with her new man, Lucas Loera as they got cozy in recent selfies. And, they’ve got masks on due to the current pandemic. Still, at least for now, they seem happy together.

When Tracie Wagaman first arrived in Las Vegas, most Love After Lockup watchers assumed it would be a short stint to let loose and party. But, since leaving Love After Lockup‘s Clint Brady behind and settling into a new city, she seems to adjust well to her new life without her ex. There’s some concern that her new boyfriend may be a bad influence on her – especially since they both have criminal records. But, with a new hairdo and a new life, she seems happy with where she is right now.

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