‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman Says New Cast Coming – LEAK Of Summer Season 3 Promo

Love After Lockup season 3 is on the way and season 2 cast member Tracie Wagaman recently shared some info on what’s ahead. She answered a fan question online. There is some confusion among fans regarding the next episode of the WE TV show. It’s billed as the Season 2 finale.

Yet, chatter recently said the season would be extended. Now it looks like that might not be true. Instead, it seems WE tv rushed out Love After Lockup Season 3. So, what did Goddess Tracie reveal about the upcoming episodes and when does LAL S3 debut?

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman Answers Fan Question

A Love After Lockup fan asked Tracie about the rumored WE tv show’s extension. The viewer wanted to know what the extra episodes would mean for the current crop of cast members and how it would impact their stories.

Certainly, there are several couples that watchers want to keep an eye on, particularly if Love After Lockup is expanding the season past tonight’s “finale”. According to Tracie, the extra episodes will not continue the current season.

Tracie wrote: “The other 10 episodes are gonna b for a new cast on season 2”. Tracie followed that by saying, “It’s all so weird”. But a new video promo released today indicates that it’s Season 3 that’s coming and LAL junkies won’t have to wait long to get their fix.

Love After Lockup: Tracie Wagaman Facebook

Love After Lockup: Loose Ends Heading Into Season Finale

If what Tracie Wagaman said is true, fans may need to rely on daily updates on social media for closure. There’s certainly going to be fallout from Megan and Sarah Simmons’ in-person meeting. In addition, there aren’t any definitive answers regarding whether either woman is still with Michael Simmons.

Lizzie Kommes encouraged Love After Lockup viewers to keep watching to see what happens between her and Scott Davey. Leaked Instagram DM’s suggested that Lizzie broke up with Scott online. After that, Scott debuted a new look and even got a dog for Lizzie. There’s a lot going on here that fans want resolved.

LAL Fans Want Answers – What About Matt and Caitlin?

Further, Matt Frasier and Caitlin Gainer’s status is still up in the air. Things don’t look good for them in the current season. Also, Matt recently updated his social profile picture. In the snap, he’s cozied up with a gal that’s clearly not Caitlin. So, who’s the mystery woman?

Love After Lockup watchers also want to know more about Brittany and Marcelino Santiago’s baby. Brittany hinted that there would be an update in a few weeks after her mother leaked a picture of Brittany and the baby online.

Love After Lockup: Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman Update

Also, fans of the WE tv docu-series can’t forget Clint Brady and his “Goddess” Tracie Wagaman. Recently, Tracie defended her crack habit one day, then denied doing the hard core drug shortly afterwards. Other photos of her online worried her followers.

Many viewers are concerned about her alleged drug use and commented that it may be taking a toll on her. She dropped significant weight since the current season filmed. Meanwhile, Clint Brady hinted on social media that he has a new business coming soon. Looks like he and Tracie Wagaman may still be together.

What You Can Expect From Love After Lockup Finale and Beyond

The good news is Love After Lockup fans won’t have to wait too long. The leaked trailer is only viewable on Instagram, but it says that Season 3 is coming this Summer. The promo, leaked by Love After Lockup Savage Edition shows all-new couples going off at each other.

There are no names attached to the new season. It’s possible that LAL watchers might see more from Angela and Tony – or even Andrea and Lamar since neither cropped up in S2. Expect an announcement of the new season tonight during the all-new two-hour season 2 finale Friday on WE tv.

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