‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Sells Wedding Ring to Buy Drugs – Poses with Crack Pipe in Ad? [Pic]

Love After Lockup‘s Tracie‘s off-camera drama continues. If the pieces of the puzzle fit together as they appear, things are going downhill fast for the former inmate. Clint and Tracie’s relationship is unstable at best. Now, it looks like she could be back on the pipe. What’s more, it seems she may be shopping her wedding ring online to pay for the habit. If Tracie is back on drugs, where does this leave Clint?

Love After Lockup: Tracie Selling Wedding Ring to Pay for Drugs?

Love After Lockup fans are talking about a recent photo of Tracie online. It’s a pic of Tracie and an image of a wedding ring for sale.

She looks rail thin unlike when Clint picked her up from prison and she was a little thicker. Some fans speculate that she’s back to using her drug of choice. Clint told his mother that Tracie was using crack at the start of their wedding night. One fan noted the lack of sheets on the bed she’s sitting on and speculated that she might be in a crack house. If true, it’s a plausible explanation for her dramatic drop in weight. In addition, there’s even more to support this theory.

Love After Lockup online followers are drawing attention to another photo. It appears Tracie is selling her engagement ring – presumably to finance her alleged drug habit.

Crack Pipe in the Background of Wedding Ring Sales Ad?

Based on the photo, she’s selling the ring for $1,000. That’s not even the juiciest part, though. In the photo with the ring, you can clearly see a crack pipe in the background. Whether that was accidental or on purpose, some fans speculate this is a prank ad. Upon closer look the mattress with the ring in the image appears to be the same as the one with Tracie in the foreground. The ring appears to be the exact same style with one notable exception.

The ring Clint gave Tracie had two half-carat diamonds on either side and a row of five smaller diamonds down each side. This ring has the exact same row of smaller diamonds but the two larger diamonds are missing from this ring.  Did Tracie sell off the two half-carat diamonds earlier? Pawn shops and jewelers that buy diamonds can easily pop off side stones and leave the rest of the ring intact.

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Love After Lockup: Where Does This Leave Clint?

On Love After Lockup, Clint confessed to his mom, in tears, that Tracie scored crack on their wedding night then left him hours later to find more.

A while later, Tracie was arrested and Clint wound up also in cuffs for possession of marijuana when he went to see her in jail. It seems like Clint’s “goddess” has brought nothing but trouble since she came into his life. He even lost his hotel job. Even with all of this piling up, it seems Clint is sticking with his Tracie.

Clint is a hot topic among Love After Lockup followers. Some viewers feel bad for him. On the other hand, he gets criticized as much as Tracie at times. Another common theme that fans discuss is whether or not he has an “issue”. He often comes across on camera as slow and not all there. Due to this, people speculate that he may have a substance abuse or mental issue.

He recently fired back at Love After Lockup viewers over the numerous things they’ve criticized him for. He recently took to Twitter to clap back: “Contrary to what many ppl think after seeing me (+ my actions) on tv…no I am NOT mentally challenged nor do I require special needs AND I never have, nor will I EVER smoke crack.”

WE TV watchers can take from that what they will. One way or another, it looks like that’s Clint’s story and he’s sticking to it.

Love After Lockup: Clint Twitter

Are Clint And Tracie Still Together?

For now, it looks like the Love After Lockup couple is still together. Not long ago, Tracie changed her Facebook photo to one of her and Clint. That said, she quickly changed it in favor of an older snap of herself. If these allegations are true, then their relationship may be heading for more rocky terrain.

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