‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Narrowly Avoids Arrest in Deleted Scene

Love After Lockup‘s Tracie is often in trouble with the law. Tracie is in and out of prison and it’s difficult for her to break the cycle. A recently released deleted scene shows that she narrowly avoided arrest on the day she married Clint. What does this scene show?

Love After Lockup: Down to The Wire For Tracie

Tracie had to check in with a parole office because she didn’t get the proper paperwork upon release. It was a race against the clock for Clint and Tracie. Clint floors the gas and tries to get Tracie to the parole office before they close. If she didn’t check in with them before they closed, the Love After Lockup inmate would go back to jail.

The Love After Lockup deleted promo scene reveals Tracie making it with only a couple of minutes to spare. The couple planned to marry that day. Her going back to prison would have thrown a wrench into those plans. As LAL viewers know, though, that wasn’t the end of Tracie’s run-ins with the law. Not long after she and Clint married, she took his rental car to allegedly score drugs.

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Love After Lockup: Tracie’s Problems with the Law

Love After Lockup Tracie has a history of scrapes with the law. In the deleted scene, she admits: “I’ve been in and out of federal prison for six and a half years. I’m not very good on probation. I tend to violate, which has brought me here so many times.”

After Tracie was nabbed for trying to score drugs after marrying Clint, things got worse from there. Clint went to visit her following her arrest. While there, police smelled marijuana on him and he was charged with possession. Even though she managed to narrowly avoid arrest in the never aired scene, she wouldn’t be so lucky the next time.

In addition to this, Tracie was behind bars to welcome the new year. She recently ended a lengthy prison stint on January 3. Not much is known about her most recent time behind bars. What’s interesting is that even she knows that she has a hard time staying out of trouble. This certainly brings into question whether or not she will be able to stay out of prison long enough to build something long-lasting with her Love After Lockup husband.

Where Are Clint and Tracie Now?

Tracie does have an Instagram account. That said, the Love After Lockup cast member hasn’t posted anything there. A quick glance at her Facebook profile shows that she marked her employment as a reality star on LAL on January 23. She seems to have dropped a lot of weight since her time filming. This led some to speculate that she’s back to using drugs.

Based on her Facebook profile, it looks like she and Clint are still together. Despite the legal trouble and being back behind bars, it seems things are going well for the pair. It’ll be interesting to see if Tracie can keep her nose clean moving forward.

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