‘Love After Lockup’: Tony Says Quarantine Reminds Him of Prison – Gives Fans Advice [Video]

Love After Lockup star Tony tells fans how he plans to handle quarantine during the COVID-19 crisis. Says it reminds him of his time in prison. Surely, lots of what he did behind bars to stay busy are similar to what he can now. Check out what the WE tv reality star is up to while cooped up in the house.

Love After Lockup: Quarantine Reminds Tony of Prison

Love After Lockup viewers can recall Tony spent almost nine years of his life in prison. Also, most of that time was on lockdown. So, he knows a thing or two on how to stay busy. He says in a new video he wrote letters a lot while in jail and stayed on the phone for contact with the outside world. Plus, he loved to draw so he has a bit of an artsy streak. But, his favorite thing to do while locked down was work out, says the Love After Lockup cast member.

Certainly, physical activity helps clear the mind and releases endorphins. So, it’s key to help you keep a positive mood. Plus, of course, it keeps you fit and healthy. So, that’s his number one go-to. Clearly, Tony has had plenty of practice so he’s using what he knows to keep it together while stuck indoors due to the Coronavirus.

Life After Lockup: Tony

How Tony Plans to Cope During This Scary Time

No doubt, Tony of Love After Lockup has much more to keep him occupied now that he’s not within prison walls. To stay sane during quarantine, Tony keeps busy with his video games which is one of his favorite pastimes. Also, he now has social media which is how many people keep from going crazy. With Tweeting and Instagram stories, it’s easy to share your life and keep up with others.

Surely, that’s what keeps Tony from Love After Lockup connected to his family, friends, and fans. No doubt, we’re lucky to have social channels to keep in touch so we don’t feel isolated. Especially, at a time like this. And, of course, he works out a ton to keep his sanity intact. At least Tony has an advantage because of his time in jail so he’s been in similar circumstances.

Tony Wishes Everyone Well and Hopes to Help Them Stay Sane

Certainly, Love After Lockup’s Tony is trying his best to make it through this tough period as smoothly as possible. Of course, he wants the best for fans and hopes his tips and ideas can help them make the best of quarantine. Right now, it’s unclear if Love After Lockup’s Angela Gail is behind closed doors with Tony. But, if she is, it’s sure to make quarantine a lot more enjoyable for both of them. For now, fans can take Tony’s advice and tips and keep up with him online.

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