‘Love After Lockup’: Tony Pumps Iron to Lure Angela Back?

Love After Lockup‘s Tony pumps iron – is he trying to win back Angela Gail? She dumped him in recent episodes of the WEtv spinoff. But, it looks like he has a plan.

Love After Lockup Update: Tony Hits the Weights – Shows Off Progress

The latest update from Love After Lockup celeb, Tony, shows he’s back in the gym. He lifts weights and gets himself back in shape. Meanwhile, he shared a recent snap flexing and showing off his muscles. Angela Gail gave him the boot on the Love After Lockup spinoff. But, it looks like this may be part of Tony’s plan to get her back.

Along with showing off his guns, Tony said he is “on a mission”. And, it looks like that mission could be to get Angela Gail back after she kicked him to the curb and moved on with another criminal. Either way, he looks healthy. And, it seems he is in a much better place now than he was in the past.

Love After Lockup: Tony

Love After Lockup: Tony Cleaning Up His Act?

One of the issues for Tony in his Love After Lockup relationship with Angela Gail is him falling back into old habits. He said he is a womanizer. And, he has a hard time with things like impulse control. So, it’s difficult for him to keep those urges in check. On several different occasions, Angela Gail caught him talking to other women behind her back. And, she wasn’t having it.

Meanwhile, he wrote something else in his recent update that has some Love After Lockup watchers scratching their heads. Tony wrote “c**kstrong”. And, along with that, he implied he is single, celibate, and possibly cleaning up some of his bad habits. Still, given his history with women, some followers don’t think he can keep something like this going for long.

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail - Tony

Rocky WEtv History with Angela Gail

Love After Lockup followers know Angela’s new man, Ross, is back behind bars. Angela recently encouraged her fans to write to him in order to help him pass the time. Meanwhile, with Angela’s current flame locked up, Tony might see this as his chance to win her back.

Even after Angela Gail dumped him on the Love After Lockup quarantine spinoff, Tony said he would find his way back into her heart. They have a long history of breaking up and getting back together. And, Tony always seems to find a way to get back on Angela’s good side.

It could be he uses this time apart to work on himself and reflect on some of his previous mistakes. And, he already makes progress pumping iron and working on his physique. Even if him winning Angela back is still up in the air, it’s clear he takes steps to better himself – and, that may even convince her to give him another shot.

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