‘Love After Lockup’: Tony Expands Family – See Pics

Love After Lockup star Tony has been busy since filming the last season of the WEtv spinoff – and, he recently welcomed new additions to the family. Many watchers want to know what Tony is up to since his split from Angela Gail. And, he definitely keeps himself busy.

Love After Lockup: Is Tony a Daddy Again?

Love After Lockup former felon Tony has been busy since filming the last season of Life After Lockup. And, in addition to some of his recent business endeavors, one of his cats started having litters of kittens. Tony said in the past that he’s a hustler by nature. And, he certainly used those kittens to help market his business.

Tony is an independent seller of bath products and candles. And, he often updates Love After Lockup fans advertising his items. In addition, he takes cute pics of the furry felines alongside what he sells. And, that’s certainly a clever business move for the former criminal.

Love After Lockup: Tony

Tony Going Overboard with His Furry Friends?

The Love After Lockup celeb shared that his mama cat just had another litter of little ones—another six to be exact. Meanwhile, even though a lot of followers comment on how cute they are, many show concern for the situation as well.

Many Love After Lockup followers encourage Tony to get his feline “fixed,” so she stops having more litters. Interestingly, there’s some heated debate on the update as well. Angela Gail clapped back at a commenter and said, “we” take care of the cat and the kittens. And, she added that it’s natural for animals to procreate – and that there’s no need to rush and get her fixed.

But, on the same update, Tony said the opposite. According to him, he will get the cat mom taken care of, so she stops having so many litters. So, just like on Love After Lockup, it seems the estranged pair don’t see eye to eye on this issue, either.

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail Still Around Following Split?

Angela Gail’s recent comment is particularly interesting given everything that went down with the pair recently. WEtv confirmed that the pair split. And, this comes after viewers saw them marry in the most recent Life After Lockup finale.

Tony and Angela have volatile fights often. And, one way or another, Tony usually finds a way to get in good with her again. But, this recent split news seemed to be the final nail in the coffin.

Even so, the fact that Angela still says “we” in the context of taking care of the cats is certainly interesting. Meanwhile, she referred to the animals as hers.

Both cast members appear in the upcoming quarantine edition of Love After Lockup. And, at one point, teasers show Angela waving a bat in Tony’s face. So, it’s certainly possible viewers see more of what went into their eventual split when the new limited series airs. Meanwhile, whether or not they get the cat situation sorted out is worth watching, too.

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