‘Love After Lockup’: Tony and Angela – Are They Still Together?

Love After Lockup couple Tony and Angela Gail – Are they still together? The WEtv couple have an up-and-down relationship on the WEtv show and its spinoff, Life After Lockup. Most viewers followed their relationship for years now. And, they always seem to come through as a pair – no matter what life throws at them. Are they still together since filming wrapped?

Love After Lockup: Angela Gail’s Ups & Downs with Tony

Tony’s WEtv love story with Angela Gail is full of drama. Love After Lockup fans remember when Tony was on the run after skipping out on the halfway house. And, more recently, Angela caught him talking to other women again. Tony said himself that he has poor impulse control. And, whether or not that costs him his relationship with Angela Gail is always a question among followers.

Tony has an eye for the lades. And, on more than one occasion, Angela Gail hacked into Tony’s phone and read his text messages to other women. Tony is a big flirt. And, he often finds himself in the dog house with Angela over talking to these other ladies behind her back.

Love After Lock Up : Angela Gail - Tony - Life After Lockup

LALU: Last Straw for Tony?

Things reached a breaking point for Angela Gail and her ex-con boyfriend, Tony, on the most recent season of the Love After Lockup spinoff. Angela broke into Tony’s phone again and found flirty messages he sent to other women. And, this time around, she set his things on fire in the front yard.

Angela Gail kicked Tony out. And, it looked like this was the final straw for the couple. Meanwhile, even though Tony managed to wiggle his way out of this tight spot with Angela, he had a lot to prove to her if he wanted her to trust him again. As Love After Lockup watchers know, Angela walked down the aisle with Tony in the LALU season finale. But, are the pair still together?

Love After Lockup: Tony & Angela – Are They Still Together?

With so much back and forth between this duo, most Love After Lockup followers wonder if they’re still an item since filming wrapped. There’s even speculation making the rounds recently that the pair split. So, there’s still a lot of interest surrounding them despite not being on a current season of the WEtv show or its spinoff.

One thing adding to the split speculation is the lack of shared updates from the Love After Lockup twosome in recent months. Tony is busy promoting his business online. He sells a variety of bath products, cleaning products, and candles. And, his social media is chock-full of promotions and items. Meanwhile, there’s very little of Angela on his pages. And, the same goes for his other half, Angela Gail. Other than a few wedding scenes from Life After Lockup, she has not been seen recently with him.

Turns out, WEtv confirmed the couple went their separate ways. Angela said recently that her bossing Tony around is what she thought he needed. But, it’s clear that backfired for the pair. So, despite their history of fighting and making up, it looks like the couple finally threw in the towel. And, it’s worth keeping an eye on any future divorce updates from the former lovers.

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