‘Love After Lockup’: Star Gives Birth – Welcomes Quarantine Baby with Husband

Love After Lockup comes back with a brand new season on WEtv this summer. But, in the meantime, there’s some big news from one of the original WEtv couples. One of the first season’s cast members recently gave birth. And, this is officially the newest WEtv baby from the show. The LALU star and her husband welcome a son during the quarantine. What’s the scoop?

Love After Lockup: Remember Mary and Dominic Dalla Nora from Season 1?

WEtv watchers have to go back to the first season of Love After Lockup for Mary Dalla Nora and husband, Dominic Dalla Nora. Most cast members that fall in love with inmates for the show meet them in different ways after they’re behind bars. But, this wasn’t the case for these lovers.

Mary Dalla Nora knew spouse Dominic Dalla Nora before he went inside. Dominic did time for aggravated assault over an incident that went down at a nightclub. And, Mary D (as she calls herself) was by his side for all of it. That included his time in the clink. And, once he got out, they walked down the aisle and became husband and wife. The Love After Lockup duo remained steadfast ever since.

Love After Lockup: Dominic Dalla Nora - Mary Dalla Nora

LALU: Mary and Dominic Dalla Nora Welcome Baby Boy During Quarantine

The Love After Lockup husband and wife recently reached another milestone on their journey. The pair welcomed a baby boy during the COVID-19 quarantine. Mary gave birth to Aricristiano Dalla Nora on April 9, 2020. And, the new parents are over the moon with their new arrival.

Mary Dalla Nora shared pics with Love After Lockup fans of her holding her son. His original due date was April 4, 2020. But he came a few days later. And it looks like everything went well. Meanwhile, the new mother and father seem happy with the new arrival, too.

Mary Dalla Nora said her son is “perfect.” And, she asked her Love After Lockup followers to respect their privacy during this time. But, the new mom ended a recent update with “Much love, Mary & Dom.” So, it certainly looks like she and Dominic Dalla Nora in a good place – especially since this recent addition.

Love After Lockup: Mary Dalla Nora - Dominic Dalla Nora - Aricristiano Dalla Nora

Mary D Worried Dominic Would End Up Back in Jail

Like most Love After Lockup pairs, Dominic Dalla Nora and his bride Mary struggled on the reality show. Dominic went back to prison after only a month back together with Mary. And, even when he was out again, Mary worried he’d end up right back behind bars if things didn’t change.

Meanwhile, when Dominic Dalla Nora got out of prison, he was in a halfway house. And, Dominic followed a strict set of rules. Similar to what fellow cast member Tony had to do when he got out. But, even while dealing with all that, the Love After Lockup couple went through the hard times and eventually walked down the aisle.

What’s Next for Love After Lockup Couple?

Now that Mary Dalla Nora and groom Dominic Dalla Nora have a son, it’ll be interesting to see how their lives change from here on out. Dominic seems to have his act together. Also, Mary D trimmed down after leaving LALU and before she got pregnant. So, it looks like things were in a good place before the baby came.

Certainly, Love After Lockup watchers can expect more updates from the couple in the coming weeks. So, check back here for updates on their new addition and what’s next for Mary D and Dominic Nora.

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