Love After Lockup Spoilers: Scott Flat Broke, Lizzie Livid – Michael Double Dealing Cheating Exposed

Love After Lockup spoilers show that Scott is broke and Michael is stringing along two women. With all the hype and buildup over Lizzie‘s release, how does she react to the reality of their financial situation? Megan is ready to lose her virginity to Michael but doesn’t know that his daughter and baby mama are coming to pick him up when he gets out.

Scott in debt on Love After Lockup

They say that you can’t put a price on love, but Scott is definitely paying it in Love After Lockup. He spent over $90k on Lizzie. He’s in debt as a result. When you factor in the extra year that Lizzie spent behind bars due to drugs, that definitely took a financial toll. It will be interesting to see how she reacts now that she’s free when she finds out that he’s broke. Will she stay with him given the dire nature of his finances?

Love After Lockup spoilers show that Scott will have a hard time maintaining the charade. He knows that Lizzie wants to “live like a princess” and maintain a certain standard. He’s afraid to tell her that he’s broke and in debt. This sets the stage for a rude awakening for the couple.

Moreover, Lizzie’s daughter is already intent on getting Scott out of the picture. It’ll be interesting to see if she uses Scott’s current financial situation against him to get him away from her mother. Scott lost a tooth in the last episode, but he could lose more than that if things go south with Lizzie.

Love After Lockup: Michael juggling two women

The big reveal on Love After Lockup last week was that Michael is juggling two women. Megan is a 28-year-old virgin that’s preparing to give it up to him when he’s released. Her father warns her about falling for an inmate, and he’s right. She’s going to pick him up. Meanwhile, she’s not the only one. Michael’s baby mama is also coming to pick him up.

These women are in for a shock when they find out Michael’s playing them both. Megan revealed on Love After Lockup that she spent over $12k on phone bills talking to Michael. In her mind it’s an investment that’s all going to pay off when she gives herself to him and they can be together. On the other hand, his baby mama is convinced that they will be a happy family once he gets out. Someone’s world is going to shatter.

What to expect in the next episode

Tonight’s episode of Love After Lockup is going to be an explosive one. Illusions will be crushed and lies will be exposed. It’ll be interesting to see what remains in the aftermath of the chaos. Couples like Johnna and Garrett called it quits after the first season. Who will be the next couple to throw in the towel?

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