‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Sarah Gets Michael – Virgin Megan Left Empty Handed?

Love After Lockup spoilers report that Michael will be released from prison very soon. In last week’s episode, viewers learned that Michael romanced both Megan and his baby-mama Sarah from behind bars. It seems Michael reunites with Sarah leaving Megan in the dust based new bonus footage from We TV.

Love After Lockup Spoilers – Michael Dumps Megan For Sarah?

While Michael’s final decision is still unknown, a recently released Love After Lockup promo indicates Michael and Sarah share some serious passion. The video shows Michael and Sarah in a steamy embrace after he is out of prison. The couple is in the bed together seemingly oblivious to the cameras around them.

Megan knows that the couple shares a child, but has no idea Michael is dating both women while behind bars. In the promo, Sarah reads a letter she recently received from Michael. He declares his love and how blessed he feels to have Sarah in his life. Sarah plans to marry Michael and bring their family back together. They have been together (and engaged) for years.

Megan Is Inexperienced in Love

Megan is not experienced with dating. She is a virgin who we saw hired a sex coach to help her learn the language of love. We saw on the recent Love After Lockup that she’s ready to hop in bed with Michael as soon as he’s released, but looks like someone beats her to it! Megan’s friends and family do not support her relationship with Michael.

The couple has never met in person yet Megan believes he is the man of her dreams. Therefore, she is busy planning their wedding. Megan is counting the days until Michael is a free man and they can become husband and wife. Of course, this situation with Sarah is exactly what her dad warned her about.

LAL – Excitement In Store

There is no doubt serious fireworks are in the future for this threesome. Michael will have his hands full managing both women who expect to become his wife ASAP. While Michael may have a roll in the hay with Sarah, that doesn’t mean he is planning to cut Megan loose. He has played both women at the same time from behind bars.

Will Michael continue the charade after he’s out? Footage from the next Love After Lockup reveals that it’s into Sarah’s arms he runs when released. There is footage of them hugging it out just outside the prison after he’s paroled. Then he and his baby mama check into a hotel for a sexy homecoming. Given Sarah’s happy smile, it seems a confrontation with Megan didn’t happen.

Michael Plays a Shameless Game on Love After Lockup

Who’s to say he won’t continue this games once he is home looking for Love After Lockup? Both women have been willing to wait for Michael and believe what he tells them. Megan thinks Michael is her one true love. It is possible she will fight for her man. That is if Michael doesn’t get caught in his lies. He could successfully keep both women on the line for the foreseeable future.

The big question is does Michael mislead Megan about his release (day, time or location) so that’s why she’s not there when he walks out the doors? This hot mess lights up Friday night on We TV. Don’t miss a single episode of Love After Lockup as this train wreck waiting to happen plays out on-screen. LAL is on WE TV Fridays at 9 pm EST/8 pm Central.

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