‘Love After Lockup Spoilers’: Lizzie Runs Up Another Tab on Scott – Admits to Not Touching Herself Since Finding God

Love After Lockup spoilers show Lizzie Kommes going on another shopping spree thanks to Scott Davey. Further, Lizzie admits to no longer being sexual since finding God. Recently, Lizzie encouraged LAL viewers to watch the episodes to find out what really happened between the pair. What else do the most recent spoiler clips reveal?

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Lizzie Goes on Another Shopping Spree – Scott Davey Pays

It seems you can’t talk about Scott and Lizzie without the issue of money coming up. A recent spoiler clip shows Lizzie Kommes dropping nearly $2000 on new clothes. In the clip, she and her friend both jokingly thank Scott for the purchase. Love After Lockup spoilers have leaked Instagram messages from a few weeks back that hint Lizzie broke things off with Scott Davey. She cited money as the root of evil in their relationship.

Further, she said that Scott held money issues over her head. Having said all that, she seems to have no issues with money when it comes to buying things for herself. Scott even bought Lizzie a car. Scott Davey recently posted an IG live video pleading with Lizzie Kommes to unblock his number. In addition, he said he got her a dog. Currently, it’s unknown what their relationship status is. It’s possible that they’re keeping quiet until their season of Love After Lockup wraps.

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes Admits to Not Touching Herself Since Finding God

In another Love After Lockup spoiler clip, Lizzie Kommes is candid about her sexual habits. She admits that she hasn’t touched herself in a sexual manner since finding God and becoming a born-again virgin. She says that it’s something she used to do “every day.” Her IG is full of quotes from scripture and positive affirmations. With her criminal past seemingly behind her, it seems she’s committed to this new lifestyle.

Even so, that hasn’t stopped Love After Lockup viewers from crying foul. Many see it as convenient that Lizzie decided to become a born-again virgin and change her ways only after she milked Scott financially. She admitted in a recent episode that she made over $800k while incarcerated. It’s clear that Scott Davey wasn’t the only one she got money from. Many LAL viewers believe that this has all been a long con at Scott’s expense.

Where Things Stand Now

As of right now, it’s not clear where things stand between Scott and Lizzie. After seemingly breaking things off with him through Instagram DM, she complimented Scott publicly on his latest transformation featuring a new set of chompers. Lizzie Kommes says that Love After Lockup fans will have to tune in to see how things go down between them. At this point in time, both their off-camera and on-camera relationship seem to be headed for trouble.

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