‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Heather Falls for Bad Boy Dylan – Will They Make It?

Love After Lockup spoilers introduce Heather and her inmate boyfriend, Dylan. With so many couples on the new season of the WEtv show, getting everyone the right amount of airtime can be a balancing act. But, viewers will finally meet the last new couple of the season.

Love After Lockup Spoilers: Heather Wants Her Fairytale with Dylan

Heather says in Love After Lockup spoilers that she is a “romantic” when it comes to falling in love. The model wants to give her partner the “whole world.” And, based on who Heather fell for, the recipient of all the world is felon, Dylan. Heather says in Love After Lockup clips that meeting people was never the problem. But, “keeping them” is.

Heather adds in Love After Lockup spoilers that she wants to be with someone that she can “grow” with. And, at least at this point in the new content, she believes she found that with her felon boyfriend. But, with him about to be released, things could certainly change once he gets out.

Love After Lockup: Dylan

LAL: Love at First Sight for Heather?

Heather says in Love After Lockup teasers that she used the bathroom at a friend’s place. And, Dylan was in the shower at the time. Meanwhile, he peeked out and saw her. Even though that’s not your average first meeting, it seems the pair really hit it off. And, five years later, she is excited for him to be free finally.

According to Heather, talking to Dylan makes her feel like “the best thing ever.” Moreover, she says that her Love After Lockup boyfriend makes her feel like a “goddess.” LAL fans heard that before from Clint Brady talking about Tracie Wagaman. So, hopefully, this relationship doesn’t end the same way.

Will the Love After Lockup Couple Make It?

Dylan may look like a model on Love After Lockup. But, behind those chiseled features is a significant criminal record. Heather says her boyfriend was busted after he sold ecstasy to an undercover cop. Meanwhile, she found out later that he was picked up several times. And, he was behind bars for five years as a result.

Love After Lockup spoilers show Heather shopping for some sexy lingerie to welcome her man once he gets out. But, how he adjusts to life back in the real world is always a big question for every WEtv couple. Whether or not their connection changes on the outside is a major unknown. Meanwhile, there’s also the possibility that Dylan goes back to his old ways and winds up in the same circles.

Heather says in Love After Lockup spoilers that she visited Dylan every Saturday and Sunday in prison for the last five years. So, she is eager to finally have him to herself once he gets out. Meanwhile, she says he asked her to marry him. And, that’s an added kicker in terms of taking their relationship to the next level on the outside. And, whether or not this fairytale pans out is something to see as their storyline progresses.

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