‘Love After Lockup’: Shawn’s Baby Mama Speaks Out – Talks Relationship and Money

Love After Lockup star Shawn Osborne‘s baby mama Kelly recently spoke about their relationship and money. She and Shawn share six children together and are constantly in contact for their kids’ sake. But, when Destinie got brought into the picture, she made Shawn stop talking to Kelly. But did he?

Love After Lockup: Shawn Osborne Has Destinie Meet Kelly

Fans saw on Love After Lockup as Shawn Osborne introduced Destinie to his children’s mother, Kelly. He has a close relationship with Kelly, and the two speak to each other almost daily. But, that had to change when Destinie became his fiance. She told him that the phone calls with Kelly have to stop. So, Shawn said to Kelly that he would only call her if it’s about their children.

However, Shawn Osborne from Love After Lockup’s on and off again lover, Kelly said they still talk to each other. She said that they “talk almost every day.” But, it seems like Kelly is the one always calling him first. According to Kelly, most of the time, she is trying to get a hold of him for something for their children or when she needs money.

Love After Lockup: Shawn Osborne - Destinie - Kelly

Shawn’s Ex Struggles to Get Money from Him

While on Love After Lockup, WEtv celeb Shawn Osborne had to dish out $50K to get Destinie out of prison. That meant if she skipped out on her court date, which she usually does, he’d be on the hook for the money. But, Shawn didn’t stop giving her money after her release.

The Love After Lockup cast member Shawn Osborne didn’t seem to mind giving Destinie money. But, the same can’t be said for his baby mama. Kelly said that he does pay for child support. But, when it comes to paying for anything else, she said it “is like pulling teeth” with him. He might not have as much money as it seems he does on the show. Kelly even made it clear that she didn’t get any money from the network for being on the show. She said that only the main cast members make the cash.

Love After Lockup: Shawn Osborne

Love After Lockup Couple Joins WEtv Spin-Off

Shawn Osborne and Destinie are joining the cast of Life After Lockup. Spoilers for the new season show that Destinie takes all her stuff and leaves. While looking to see if Destinie left anything behind, Shawn finds a pregnancy box. But, the test is missing from inside. He starts to think that she left after getting the results. Could she be pregnant with his baby?

The drama between Love After Lockup‘s Destine and Shawn Osborne continues on the upcoming season of Life After Lockup. Spoilers reveal that Shawn does try to get a hold of Destinie, but with no luck. He then starts to fear that she may have run off with another man. Destinie has threatened to leave him in the past. The two are engaged, but will they make it down the aisle and become husband and wife?

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