‘Love After Lockup’: Shane Whitlow Has Another Girl’s Name Tattooed on His Arm

Love After Lockup celeb Shane Whitlow had fans wondering what’s up with the tattoo on his arm with the name of a girl, Chasity. Turns out Lacey gives some insight into who the mysterious Chasity is that’s tattooed on her husband’s arm.

Love After Lockup Update: Shane Whitlow Has Tattoo for Chasity on His Arm

Love After Lockup star Shane Whitlow is not shy about showing off his body or tattoos. However, one that in particular caught the eye of many fans. One of the tattoos on Shane’s left forearm is the name Chasity. Of course, this raised eyebrows and people probably thought it was an ex-girlfriend. Especially, since it came out that Shane was less than faithful on Life After Lockup.

But, it turns out,  there is no cause for alarm – at least, not where Chasity is concerned. Lacey opened up to let Love After Lockup fans know it is Shane’s sister Chasity he got the tattoo for. No doubt, he is very close with his family. Plus, they are surely over the moon he’s out of prison. So, it looks like Shane has wonderful relationship with his sister and Lacey couldn’t be happier about it.

Love After Lockup: Shane Whitlow - Lacey

Lacey Loves Shane’s Devotion to His Family

Lacey of Love After Lockup was the one to clue fans in about Shane Whitlow’s tattoo. When the question of who Chasity is came up she was quick to shut down any rumors and said it was his sister. No doubt, Lacey likes that Shane is tight with his family. Of course, family is very important to her as well.

Although, her dad doesn’t exactly agree with her choices in the love department. Especially, because she has three children. So, Lacey tries to live her life for herself while still keeping a healthy relationship with her parents and kids. Surely, she knows all about how messy families can be and is happy Shane cares so much about his.

Love After Lockup: Shane Whitlow - Lacey

Lacy and Shane Up and Down on Love After Lockup

Despite all the accusations, it seems the Love After Lockup pair, Shane Whitlow and wife Lacey, are doing okay for now. On Life After Lockup, they had some issues about Lacey’s friendship with her ex-fiance John Slater. Then, of course, there was the pesky little thing about him cheating on her. Plus, who can forget the incident where Lacey seemed to accuse Shane Whitlow of domestic violence.

Of course, he admits they had a nasty fight but says he did not put his hands on her. Certainly, the tension about John is no secret and the drama is surely far from over. But, for now, Shane says they are in a good place.

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