‘Love After Lockup’: Scott Rats Lindsey Downs Out to the Police

Love After Lockup star Scott Bradshaw is tattling about Lindsey Downs to the police. Even though terrible events have unfolded between this Love After Lockup couple, things are continuing to escalate. Now, he’s talking about what’s going down between the two behind the scenes.

Love After Lockup: Scott Bradshaw Says Lindsey Downs Talks Behind His Back

Love After Lockup celeb Scott Bradshaw says that he owes Lindsey Downs for all of the “nonsense” that she talked about him behind his back. And, she did this all on the last few episodes of Love After Lockup that has aired.

But, it doesn’t look like this smack talk is getting Scott down. He says that there’s something positive about Lindsey Downs’ “head bobbing and movement”. Scott says that he asked her if Lindsey’s mom ever taught her how to cook. And Lindsey’s response to this question is “no”. This hints that she isn’t good at cooking.

Then, Scott says that Lindsey wasn’t taught how to perform oral services on a man. But, she seems to have that skill mastered.

Love After Lockup: Lindsey Bradshaw

Celeb Talks About Evicting Ex

But, that’s not all that Scott Bradshaw from Love After Lockup has in store for his ex-girlfriend. He says that the outcome isn’t what he’s hoping for Lindsey. And that’s no matter how Lindsey Downs represented herself during the last few episodes of the show.

Yet, he says that he ended up kicking out and evicting Lindsey after filming the last episode of Love After Lockup. But, that isn’t all Scott did to Lindsey.

He also had her arrested for Felony Malicious Mischief for destroying his property. Scott says that she drew in a permanent black market on his “expensive executive desk”. Also, she gouged letters into the top of this desk too.

Love After Lockup: Scott Bradshaw

90 Day Fiance: Scott Bradshaw Opens Up About Lindsey Downs Drug Usage

Love After Lockup celeb Scott Bradshaw says that there isn’t anything he’s done throughout this that he’s proud of. But, that he had to do it. He says that Lindsey Downs is out of control with her drug usage. And that her drug use is causing her to have “erratic behavior”.

Also, Scott Bradshaw says that he doesn’t have a part to play in any other of Lindsey’s arrests. He says that he dropped all of her stuff off at her mother’s home. But, he doesn’t have any information on any of the other arrests, because they happened after she left his home.

And while Love After Lockup personality Scott says that he’s disappointed in how their relationship ended, he’s also feeling betrayed. But, he isn’t surprised or upset. He says that he had a blast doing the show. Also, he hopes that Lindsey Downs is able to work in a society in a “normal capacity” and “lead a productive life”. He also says that he wishes her “the best”.

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