‘Love After Lockup’: Scott Has New Girl – Expects Lizzie to Rage – She Flips the Script

Love After Lockup star Scott Davey is busy on social media letting fans know he is in a new relationship. The prison romance show alumnus announced on Facebook and Instagram that he has a new love interest named Brandy. Also, he said this will cause ex-fiance Lizzie Kommes to start spreading lies.

However, Lizzie came back with only positive feedback. She claims to be happy for Scott, wanting only the best for him. Certainly, Love After Lockup fans have plenty to say on the matter and social media is blowing up about this new development after the season recently ended. But a new leaked voice mail from Scott is shocking as he rages against Lizzie…

Love After Lockup: Scott Davey’s New Romance

Love After Lockup’s Scott Davey shared recently that his “friendship” with Jasmine is over because she allegedly tried to extort him. Now, he says he is in a relationship with a new woman, Brandy. He says she is a real woman. Also, she spends money on him instead of the other way around.

Additionally, he is warning LAL viewers on Facebook that Lizzie Kommes will start rumors about him now that he is with Brandy. However, Scott is the one who is very hostile lately. His posts online along with a vile new audio clip show he is still quite angry with Lizzie from Love After Lockup. 

LAL: Scott Davey Lashes Out

Scott Davey of Love After Lockup seems to still be harboring a lot of animosity towards Lizzie Kommes. In a FB post, he commented that she is back on drugs and slipping. Also, in other posts, he still refers to her using inflammatory curse words. Certainly, the most volatile thing yet is a voicemail Scott allegedly left for Lizzie. But, Lizzie doesn’t have the phone anymore and the voicemail was leaked by the new owner, Becky. The message is too profane to share but in it, Scott says he is with a girl named Brandy.

Additionally, he calls Lizzie a f-g b–ch and tells her to f-k off. He says she fu-ed everything up. He also raged that now she knows what it’s like to lose someone. Also, he made a comment about her “self-gratifying” after she claims she stopped. Clearly, Scott is still very angry with her. However, in later social media comments, Scott apologized and asks people to respect Lizzie and leave her alone.

Also, he says there is no one new in his life. So, he may not know how to feel. Certainly, he is all over the place lately. Although, there is a chance that his accounts got hacked and Scott claims to be done with social media. However, that may not last.

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Lizzie Kommes Takes The High Road

Love After Lockup’s Lizzie Kommes is choosing to remain calm with Scott and his fans and followers on social media. She simply says she’s happy for him and would never make things up about him. Also, she says she has her own life and doesn’t go to social media about him.

Additionally, Lizzie says she has no ill-will towards Scott. She even goes as far as to say she loves him and God bless. Surely, it does seem like Lizzie is trying to remain civil and drama free with the whole thing. She just politely defends herself.

LAL Fans War On Social Media

Love After Lockup followers are firm in their decisions whether they are Team Scott or Team Lizzie. Further, they’re not shy about sharing their opinions. LAL lovers are harsh with both former cast members. Thankfully, there is a nice comment thrown in every now and then.

Certainly, many people are telling him to delete Lizzie from his friend’s list and ignore her. Others are saying that Lizzie should pay Scott back. Most people are on Scott’s side but Lizzie doesn’t seem to be letting it get to her. Hopefully, Scott and Lizzie can find a way to keep peace someday. For now, they can’t seem to find a way to get along.  Keep an eye on both of their social media accounts to Find out what they feud about next.

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