‘Love After Lockup’: Scott Davey in War of Words With Lizzie Again

Love After Lockup‘s Scott Davey and Lizzie Kommes seem to have another controversy on their hands. Even though the duo seemingly called it quits following the Love After Lockup Season 2 finale, the off-camera plot thickens. Scott claims someone impersonated him and is trying to get money out of him. Meanwhile, Lizzie Kommes said Scott Davey is lying again. So, what’s the latest?

Love After Lockup News: Someone Scamming Scott Davey?

Below is a screenshot of a message from Scott Davey. In it, he claims that his “friend Jasmine” made up letters and shared them with popular Facebook group Love After Lockup Savage Edition. He went on to say Jasmine and “her boyfriend” have been trying to get money from him. He said they’ve impersonated him and even took his phone.

There was a big fuss over a picture of new gal Jasmine he’s been spending time with. The pic made its way onto social media a few weeks before the last LAL episode. Yet, he claims Jasmine is the one that posted it.

Scott Davey said she also ruined his relationship with Lizzie. He ended the post saying he would post the alleged “threats” at a later time. Scott said weeks ago that someone stole his phone and that someone was stalking him.

Love After Lockup: Scott Davey Instagram

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Kommes Responds to Scott’s Claims

One person that doesn’t buy Scott Davey’s story is Lizzie Kommes. Ex-convict Lizzie Kommes said that they were together up until the final episode of the season. At the end of that episode, Love After Lockup showed that Scott had moved on and started spending time with a woman named Jasmine. After the episode aired, Lizzie Kommes claimed on Instagram that she was blindsided by this reveal. She says that led to the former couple officially breaking up.

Is this the same Jasmine that’s allegedly trying to shake money from Scott Davey? Lizzie Kommes said on the post that “Scott is such a liar”. She then said that these writings are all from letters she sent to him while she was still in prison. Lizzie questioned how Jasmine got her hands on them.

In addition, Lizzie added: “this is Scott doing Scott lying again just so everybody knows he’s trying to lie about Jasmine and say that she’s doing all this stuff when it’s clearly Scott doing it just to make me look bad!”

Further down in the discussion thread, Lizzie Kommes said that this Jasmine in question is the girlfriend that she was blindsided by. She claims Scott is trying to make it look like Jasmine is his friend instead of his girlfriend and trying to make it look like he and Jasmine are not together. According to Lizzie, her ex put all this on social media to gain sympathy from Love After Lockup fans.

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Love After Lockup: Does Jasmine Have Another Man?

At this point in the narrative, it’s difficult to know what’s true. A photo shared on Facebook shows Jasmine with another man. It’s clearly not Scott Davey and some Love After Lockup watchers took notice. Is this the “boyfriend” he refers to in his IG post? What’s more, Scott made a negative comment on the photo of Jasmine with the other man. In the comments section of the photo, the reality star remarked: “P.O.S.”.

Throughout the second season of Love After Lockup, viewers commented on how Lizzie appeared to use Scott for money. Did his relationship with Lizzie end only for him to land in a similar situation with Jasmine?

Love After Lockup: Jasmine Facebook

Where Did This All Start?

Savage Edition said that “some girl” came into their popular online group. This person said they had proof that Scott was a “liar and manipulator and posted these letters as proof”. The page admin said the woman in question deleted the post and left the group soon after.

It looks like there’s a lot more off-camera drama going on right now for this trio. At this point, it’s difficult to tell what’s real. Also, it’ll be interesting to see what else Scott Davey posts about the “threats” he alleges were made against him. Hopefully, more information comes to light in coming days.

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