Love After Lockup: Scott Caught Cheating on Lizzie?

Love After Lockup off-camera drama continues for Scott and Lizzie. For the most part, it seems they’ve settled into domestic life together in Wisconsin. That said, it looks like Scott is in the dog house. It seems he got caught double-dipping with another woman and Lizzie’s daughter Jazmyne went off on him. What’s the latest?

Love After Lockup: Scott Cheating on Lizzie?

Lizzie’s daughter Jazmyne tore Scott a new one on Instagram recently. She went in on him for allegedly cheating on her mother. LAL viewers know that Jazmyne disliked Scott from the get-go. She plotted to get Scott out of their lives so that she and her mother could catch up and live their lives without him.

On Instagram, Jazmyne wrote the scathing post below:

Love After Lockup: Jazmyne Instagram

Jazmyne Makes Accusations on LAL

A big topic among fans is how much money Scott spends on Lizzie. Jazmyne addressed that in her post head-on. Jazmyne has never been a fan of Scott, and it looks like she likes him even less now on account of these allegations.

Love After Lockup: Scott Responds to Cheating Accusations

It didn’t take long for Love After Lockup Scott to respond to the cheating allegations. Scott claims he’s being stalked, but he wrote “stocked.” He said someone stole his iPhone and they’re reading his text messages. In addition, he said that this person blocked Lizzie as well.

Further, he said that this unnamed individual shows up every time he leaves the house. You can see a slideshow with Scott’s message below, along with a photo of the alleged stalker.

If he does indeed have a stalker, maybe he will pursue legal action or some other form of retaliation. Interestingly, Love After Lockup Lizzie responded to Jazmyne’s post. She wrote (with the typos included): “omg,  Scott was like,  “whoever did this is going to pay,  so his new g/f grabbed his phone and posted a photo,  that’s the only way it can be done!”

Despite Scott’s claims, it looks like Lizzie isn’t buying it either. Perhaps Jazmyne and her mother will have time together without Scott in the picture after all if the cheating is confirmed.

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Where Does This Leave Scott and Lizzie?

For the last few months, viewers have been wondering whether or not the Love After Lockup pair are still together. Before these latest allegations, it certainly looked like the pair were happy. Lizzie regularly updates her Instagram from Wisconsin with live videos and inspirational memes.

It’ll be interesting to know what the fallout will be from these allegations and whether or not Scott is telling the truth. Does Scott have a legitimate stalker or is he cheating behind Lizzie’s back? Watch WE TV to find out more!

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