‘Love After Lockup’: Scott Bradshaw Finds True Love Secret & it Isn’t Lindsey

Love After Lockup‘s Scott Bradshaw (Lindsey Downs’ WEtv flame) may have found the secret to true love. Things are currently rocky for the pair in current episodes. Did he learn his lesson after dealing with her?

Love After Lockup: Lindsey Downs Goes off on Scott

Things don’t go according to Scott Bradshaw’s plan on Love After Lockup. Lindsey wasn’t on the original flight she was supposed to be on. And that spoiled the evening Scott had planned – complete with a limousine, high-quality food, and champagne. And since Lindsey got out, it’s one thing after another for the pair.

Scott Bradshaw moved from New York to Mississippi to be with Lindsey Downs. Meanwhile, he even bought a house for the pair to live in with her daughter. But Lindsey raged at Scott as soon as she saw the house. Things weren’t done to her liking. And she said she preferred her prison cell over living in the new house with Scott.

Meanwhile, Love After Lockup spoilers say there are skeletons in the closet for Lindsey Downs. She keeps secrets from Scott Bradshaw about the nature of her relationship with close friend and prison gal pal, Tara Belle. Lindsey reveals in Love After Lockup spoilers that she and Tara Belle are together – and that they’ve been an item for “six years”. Moreover, she’s not sure how Scott will take the news.

He also found handwritten pages allegedly revealing a detailed plan to scam him for money. Lindsey claims she wrote down a quote from a book – but Scott Bradshaw doesn’t buy it. So, there’s already a lot of tension for the pair before Lindsey even drops the girlfriend bombshell.

Love After Lockup: Lindsey Downs - Scott

Love After Lockup: Did Scott Bradshaw Learn His Lesson?

As soon as WEtv introduced Scott Bradshaw and Lindsey Downs on Love After Lockup, viewers suspected she was only with him for his money. Meanwhile, finding her binder seemed like it might be a wake-up call for him. And after she raged about the state of their home, Scott called her “ungrateful”.

Meanwhile, after everything Scott went through, it seems he may have learned his lesson. He said recently that he thinks he has everything “figured out” when it comes to finding the ideal relationship. And he shared a meme detailing everything he wants.

Turns out, he wants a “best friend” and a “partner in crime”. Moreover, even though Lindsey Downs is a criminal, what she has with him on Love After Lockup isn’t exactly a balanced partnership. And he said a “partnership” is exactly what he is after.

Interestingly, he wants someone he can trust with his “heart”, his “money”, and his “life”. And that doesn’t seem to be Lindsey Downs based on everything viewers see on Love After Lockup so far.

WEtv Pair Not Done Yet

Love After Lockup watchers know Scott Bradshaw is on the new season of Life After Lockup with Lindsey. So, viewers haven’t seen the last of the pair just yet. Still, just like on the main franchise of the WEtv show, drama for the pair continues on the spinoff season as well.

In Life After Lockup spoilers, Scott says that there are “white lies” going on between the pair. Meanwhile, Lindsey accuses him of contacting her ex-boyfriend. So, there are still major trust issues for them.

Meanwhile, a source close to him confirmed to Soap Dirt back in July that he kicked Lindsey out of his house – and that he is done with her following recent run-ins with the law. She faces significant prison time for violating her parole – in addition to the recent string of charges against her. So, it’s likely viewers see more of what went down when the new spinoff season airs.

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