Love After Lockup: Scott Bought Lizzie’s Drugs by Manipulating Friends and Family for Money?

Love After Lockup Season 2 shows a broke and in-debt Scott struggling to keep up with Lizzie’s demands. Scott claims to have spent over $90k on Lizzie. A good portion of that money went to funding her drug habit. He admits to Lizzie’s daughter that the money was used to buy drugs. The latest claims suggest that much of the money he gave to Lizzie for drugs wasn’t even his.

Love After Lockup: Scott Knowingly Funds Lizzie’s Drug Habit

Scott says on Love after Lockup that he spent over $90k for Lizzie since they met. According to an Instagram post from Lizzie, he knew full well what the money was going toward. She mentions a video Scott made where he admits that he knew he was funding her habit in prison:

“Hi everyone yes this video is from Scott he told me to post it on my Instagram page he wanted to let everybody know….. that I let him know from the get-go that he was paying for my drug habit,  yes it’s sad,  it’s horrible …but he was okay with it !”

Lizzie goes on to say that she gave him a way out of the relationship but he said no. Watching Love After Lockup, it’s clear that Scott will do anything for Lizzie – no matter the cost. Lizzie ignores Scott in last week’s episode. Even so, she seems to have him right where she wants him: “Again I told Scott he had a chance to get out of this relationship and he told me, NO !!!” Scott says he doesn’t want to be another trick. But it’s difficult for many fans to see him as anything more than that.

Love After Lockup: Lizzie Instagram

Love After Lockup: Scott Lied to Get the Money?

Scott mentions several times in Love After Lockup Season 2 that he’s broke. At this point in the current season, he hasn’t told Lizzie about his finances yet. To add more fuel to the fire, a user on Instagram claims that the money he gave Lizzie wasn’t even his. The user claims that Scott has been unemployed for two years and that he manipulated friends and family to get the cash. Further, the user says that they got the information from someone close to Scott’s family. If these claims are true, it’s a completely new can of worms:

The alleged insider says among those taken for a ride are his “elderly parents”. This season on Love After Lockup, Scott stretches himself beyond his means to make Lizzie happy. If these claims are true, he did a lot more than that in the name of love. Lizzie talks about the fact that she had a lot of “tricks” while in prison. She says that he isn’t a trick, but at times, their relationship does come off that way. If he spent that much of other people’s money on Lizzie, he sacrificed a lot more for her than initially thought. If he lied to and manipulated friends and family, he may have burned those bridges along the way.

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Are Scott and Lizzie Still Together?

It seems like the Love After Lockup couple is still together. Lizzie recently posted a video on Instagram wishing her fans and followers a Merry Christmas from her and Scott. Interestingly, though, she doesn’t have any pictures of them together on her Instagram account. A number of snaps are her alone, with her daughter, and with friends. Scott isn’t there – only cut-outs of his face in a few cartoon-like videos. This will surely fuel the speculation further. Catch a new episode of Love After Lockup Friday at 9 PM only on WE tv.

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