‘Love After Lockup’: Sarah Simmons Takes Her Girls to Familiar Location

Love After Lockup cast member Sarah Simmons (Michael Simmons’ wife) took her girls to a popular tourist destination. And, many WEtv watchers may recognize the location for other reasons as well. Where did Michael Simmons’ baby mama take her children?

Love After Lockup: Sarah Simmons Takes Her Daughters on an Adventure

Love After Lockup celeb Sarah Simmons recently took her daughters to Niagara Falls. It’s a popular tourist spot in New York along the Canadian border. Roughly 30 million people visit the location each year. But, WEtv watchers may recognize it for an entirely different reason.

Michael Simmons took Megan there on the first season of Love After Lockup. Meanwhile, Michael lied to Sarah Simmons about meeting up with Megan and taking her there. And, a lot of viewers quickly pointed this out. But, despite the history, it looks like Sarah and her kids had a good time.

Love After Lockup: Sarah Simmons

LALU: Sarah Trolling WEtv Viewers?

Many of Sarah Simmons’ Love After Lockup followers went in on her for her choice of location. Many fans made comments about Megan. And, some even think Sarah took her girls there to troll her followers. But, according to Sarah, that’s not the case.

Sarah said she took her children on an adventure like they do “all the time”. According to her, the fact that Michael Simmons took Megan there didn’t even cross her mind. In addition, she added that she’s “beyond over” that part of her life. But, some Love After Lockup fans don’t buy it.

Even after all the drama with Michael, Sarah Simmons always seems to find a way back to him. She looked into divorce on Life After Lockup. And, she even got temporary legal custody of their kids. But, a divorce was never finalized. So, that definitely leaves the door open.

Love After Lockup: Sarah Simmons

Are the Love After Lockup Michael Simmons and Wife Back Together?

Recently, Michael’s girlfriend Maria claimed that she and the Love After Lockup felon are no longer an item. And, that’s not all she said. In addition to that, she claimed Michael Simmons is back with Sarah. The estranged husband and wife hooked up on the previous season of Life After Lockup. So, it’s clear there’s still a spark there – even after all they’ve been through.

Sarah Simmons’ recent comments clapping back at viewers over taking her kids to Niagara Falls make it seem like she is completely done with Michael. But, is that really the case? If they are back together, that opens the door for future filming with WEtv. And, if that’s the case, it’d make sense for Sarah to deny her current relationship status with her Love After Lockup husband.

Michael said he and Sarah will always have a connection. And, they will always be connected through their children. But, it’s possible there could be more to it than that. Even after everything hit the fan, Sarah Simmons referred to Michael as “her man”. So, it’s possible they keep their current relationship status under wraps while misdirecting fans.

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