‘Love After Lockup’: Sarah Attacked on Social Media – Ugly Words Sting

Love After Lockup cast member Sarah Simmons is often a target online as many LAL viewers go after her. Some commenters tell her to wake up and leave Michael Simmons while others attack her life choices. Sarah seems to take most negativity in stride. However, a recent commenter on Twitter seems to have gone a little too far. What’s the scoop?

Love After Lockup News: Sarah Simmons Targeted by Online Hater

The rant took place on Twitter and has many shouting that it’s racist. Often, Love After Lockup viewers go after cast members and what they see as bad decisions. However, one viewer took it a step further. The commenter wrote: “You f****** pale wet dog creatures need to stay tf away from our men .” The Twitter user also went after her for bad-mouthing Megan.

Things didn’t stop there. The user also hurled slurs at her including “white cracker b****”. The commenter also called her “ugly” and said she is “transgender looking”. The person also said she could take her man Michael from her and essentially accused her of faking pregnancy.

Love After Lockup: Sarah Simmons Twitter

Love After Lockup: Sarah Taking It in Stride

Even with all this vitriol aimed at her, Sarah handled it pretty well. So, perhaps Sarah Simmons is accustomed to the hate by now. It seems she isn’t letting the hater get the better of her. In response to the comment, Sarah wrote: “Thanks. And to think all I ever did was love a MAN”. It’s possible that some of the hate could be due to how Sarah handled things after finding out about Megan.

This was a long time coming on Season 2 of Love After Lockup. Sarah seemed to own up to her role in how it all went down. In another post on Twitter, Sarah Simmons wrote that she may not have handled the situation “perfectly”. She went on to say how she may have put the blame on those that didn’t deserve it.

Further, she said that when you’re dealing with something like that, you become an “emotional confused mess”. Love After Lockup‘s Sarah Simmons ended her post by saying she was skeptical of everything and everyone. Then, she added: “I’m only human”.

What’s Next For Sarah Simmons?

Sarah Simmons seems to have shifted her focus to her daughter and her new baby on the way. It’s not clear at the moment if Michael Simmons is still with her. Both she and Megan have posted contradictory things about their status with Michael. Megan said that she wasn’t with him and his wife was.

On the other hand, Mrs Simmons said publicly that Megan and Michael are an item. It’s possible they won’t confirm either way until the current season of Love After Lockup wraps. Interestingly, Sarah said that she’s more than capable of raising her children on her own. This seems to suggest that Michael is not part of her long-term plans. In the meantime, she may have more online haters to deal with before it’s all done.

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