‘Love After Lockup’ Recap: Scott’s Flat Broke – Michael Ghosts Megan – Season 2 Episode 10 “Wife on The Run”

This Love After Lockup recap sees runaway bride Tracie slipped out on Clint again after being released from jail. Scott buys Lizzie new wheels but confesses he’s flat broke and in debt. Caitlin tries to tame Matt into domestic life. He wants no part of it.

Michael and Sarah fight but make-up and he falls for a shower seduction. Brittany wants to add a third-party to the bedroom but Marcelino wants boundaries set. Let’s jump right in to the chaos of LAL Season 1 Episode 10 “Wife on the Run”.

Love After Lockup Recap: Clint Lawyers Up

On LAL, Clint takes ex-wife Hailey’s advice and sees a lawyer. But he still loves his goddess. He admits he is second fiddle to her true love: crack. But he’s not giving up. The attorney makes a quick call to the county jail while Clint gnaws on his nails. Turns out, Tracie is out of jail and didn’t call Clint.

The nice lawyer attempts to spell it out for clueless Clint. Divorce this slippery b*tch now before she destroys you. Clint’s still getting charged for the rental car. Clint will pay for half of Tracie’s stolen cars and all future bad decisions if they stay married. But that’s how this Love After Lockup relationship is going.

Love After Lockup‘s Clint rubs his head. But he luurrves his crazy crack bride. She’s so purdy. So, that makes her think she can walk all over him in used stripper heels. Because Clint still believes in his felonious fairytale, viewers can’t wait to see how it ends.

LAL Three Way: Michael Ghosts Megan – Puts a Ring on Sarah

On Love After Lockup, Megan cries at the Heartbreak Hotel. What was once a lovely room filled with inexperienced sex and bacon is now just a badly decorated dump for ex-virgins. So then, she packs up and heads home. With her legs still sore from the deflowering she calls up her dad. Papa holds back from saying I told you so, but you can hear the disgust in his voice.

Megan – you don’t call up pops after a hit and run. That’s what girlfriends are for. Meanwhile, back at the apartment complex, Michael calmly saunters into Sarah’s place like he just got back from a 7-Eleven run. Totally not like he went to the border of another country to steal his side chick’s virginity.

“He Don’t Care” – No Girl, He Don’t

But then, Sarah’s tatted friend is ready to blow. Sarah is all body blocking Michael and flipping out. So, the felon walks out again. Short of knocking sense into her fool head, Sarah won’t see the light. Annnd there’s a bonus here – she’s preggo! Sarah goes outside to cry and says “he don’t care” a thousand times. It’s the most clarity anyone’s ever had in the history of Love After Lockup.

Michael drags Sarah up and puts Megan’s ring on his wife’s finger. Yes, the ring he was going to give Megan is now on Sarah’s finger.

Sarah kisses him, dry heaving. And then, it’s Father’s Day and Sarah, Michael and daughter frolic in a park. He mumbles something about her “seducing” him in the shower when LAL production grills him on sexing up Sarah. So, Michael’s secret lives on at least for now.

Love After Lockup Recap: Caitlin Apartment Hunts

On Love After Lockup, Caitlin got a job! Maybe it comes with dental benefits and she can get Matt’s tooth hole fixed… Next, she meets with a realtor to see an apartment. Matt is late. She details his “lengthy criminal past” to the leasing guy. Matt shows up and is completely uninterested. He wants no part of this adult thing.

He’d like to stay at his moms a little longer and sponge off her until he violates probation and goes back for three hots and a cot. Matt doesn’t get why Caitlin has all these expectations. Like a place to live and money in her hand. After he stomps around and pouts, the realtor dips out to give them a moment on LAL.

Matt Doesn’t Want to Get a Life

Caitlin questions her man’s lack of commitment. And then she asks him why he’s got an attitude. While Matt says he wants to marry Caitlin, he also doesn’t want to do squat. She says she wants the whole deal – white picket fence, KFC nights, cable, and a bunch of babies. Caitlin, honey, you’ve already got a baby. A meth loving, six foot tall, whiny, jobless, baby…

It’s Caitlin’s turn for the obligatory wedding dress shopping scene on Love After Lockup. With token friend in tow, she tries on a few. And then, she complains about being flat-chested. Caitlin fancies herself quirky and tries on a lime green number. The vibe is cheap rent-a-princess for a kid’s party. Even the most jaded LAL fans are rooting for poor Caitlin to get woke! Matt wants no part of this nonsense called real life.

Marcelino Dashes Brittany’s Threesome Hopes

On Love After Lockup, Brittany has a blind date for her ex girlfriend Amanda and current boyfriend, Marcelino. She didn’t tell her cellie that her man was coming along. The trio meet at an ethnic joint – and all three creepily take vids of the belly dancing girls. Amanda starts mouthing off that she is still Brittany’s GF. Britt denies it. Marcelino stews and Brittany hand-feeds Amanda some Tiki Marsala. #cringeworthy

The Love After Lockup girls bicker over the timeline of when they were prison-exclusive. A cigarette break is needed before Marcelino explodes. Outside, the girls flirt. Marcelino comes out and demands that Brittany set boundaries. So, she shoves her tongue down Manda’s throat. She wants to head for a good old-fashioned threeway. While Marcelino ponders, Amanda bolts.

On LAL, Brittany confirms her commitment to Marcelino. But she also can’t let her prison paramour run away. She chases her down and demands they hug it out. Amanda doesn’t think Brittany should have her cake and eat it too. Marcelino thinks he’s “not ready” to bring a third into the bedroom. So, hey, Brittany, there’s hope for the future.

Scott Drives Into Bankruptcy With Lizzie’s New Wheels

Next on Love After Lockup, Lizzie’s daughter Jazmyne is annoyed (again). Not only was she dragged to church with her ex-hooker mom so she could confess her sins. But then her mom revealed she is engaged to her broke trick who is a stage 5 clinger. Lizzie says she can’t return the ring, as it would crush him. She insists she loves Scott. Jazmyne’s facial expression during the drivel is straight “mom WTF are you talking about”?

Lizzie convinces her to “let” her keep the ring. That’s okay – they can pawn it later for quick cash. Jazmyne gives mom an ultimatum. Lizzie guilts her about having a heart in there somewhere. Jaz says f*ck Scott’s feelings. But the hustler gets her way on Love After Lockup. For now.

And then, on Love After Lockup, Scott fumbles with giant ribbon. Son Adam stops by to say goodbye. He’s heading back to California. Scott asks which color ribbon he should put on the new car he bought Lizzie. (Sound of slamming brakes). Adam calmly tells his clueless dad this is another in a string of bad decisions. Scott has massive debt. So he dug the hole deeper so Lizzie will stick around to not sleep with him another day.

That’s it for this week’s Love After Lockup recap and train wreck of ex-convicts and their committed lovers. Tune into LAL Fridays at 10 pm on WE TV.

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