Love After Lockup Recap: Lizzie Knocks Scott Toothless – Season 2 Episode 2 ‘The $12,000 Lie’

In this Love After Lockup recap, Sarah reveals a big secret involving her and Michael. His other bae, Megan, goes dress shopping. Caitlin hits a major roadblock on the way to get Matt. And Lizzie celebrates freedom by knocking Scott’s tooth out. So now let’s catch up on all the crazy and find out about the $12,000 lie on WE TV’s Love After Lockup Season 2 Episode 2.

Love After Lockup Recap: It Was Love at 4th Email on Love After Lockup for Caitlin

As Love After Lockup begins, Caitlin can’t wait to get her hunky prison crush Matt out of the pokey and into her pants. It’s less than 24 hours now. She describes falling in love with Matt after writing to him in jail. It was “love at fourth email”.

Next, her friend Kelly picks her up. The two will travel together to the prison. Matt will be released while Kelly’s beau still has four years left. Because of this, Kelly admits to being jelly that Caitlin, who only knows the “Spark Notes version” of prison love, gets to leave with her man.

Caitlin says she wants to wear a dress that will make her butt cheeks fall out. Then she puts on makeup and runs around in her undies. Caitlin is on her own when it comes to her relationship with Matt. As it turns out, her family is not on board with her tryst with the repeat offender on Love After Lockup.

Caitlin Freaks Out – No Matt In Sight

A giddy Caitlin is on the way to pick up Matt, her fine-ass felon at the prison gate. She can’t wait to count his freckles, scars, and toes. Then Caitlin panics that he might be short on toes. What the heck? Is she giving birth to the dude or picking him up from jail?

The closer the prison gets, the more unhinged Caitlin becomes. She has fallen straight out the cuckoo’s nest. From a call box, she buzzes the guards that she’s here for a release. They tell her to come on in and she can’t contain her excitement on Love After Lockup.

She rolls up to see “no unauthorized entry” signs and guards eyeballing her from the watchtower. They approach her and tell her to scoot.  He’ll be released to the “community” and not to her waiting butt cheeks. She’s now hyperventilating and drives off with no Matt.

Lizzie’s About To Get Sprung on Love After Lockup

Scott sweats and stresses to son Adam about Lizzie’s impending release. His locked up love will soon be free. Scott has spent 90 grand on Lizzie (most of it going to drugs). Her daughter Jazmyne shows up and Scott tells her Adam will be her new brother. Can you say awkward?

Jazmyne hasn’t seen her mom in ten years. She is open to reconnecting and having a relationship with her on Love After Lockup. Scott worries that Lizzie won’t stick around when she finds out he’s broke and in debt.

Lizzie Knocks out Scott’s Tooth

The trio waits for Lizzie to be dropped off from the prison van on Love After Lockup. She emerges and takes off running straight to Scott, completely bypassing her daughter. She jumps into Scott’s arms and knocks the greasy haired trucker to the ground.

After molesting Scott on the ground, she acknowledges Jazmyne telling her she’s pretty. Scott realizes that his bridge is missing. They search the ground and Jazmyne suggests he swallowed it. Then Lizzie demands a kiss from the broke, toothless trucker.

Mama’s Boy Clint Is 110 Percent Sure

Clint is in love with Tracie who’s about to get out of jail on Love After Lockup. Clint wants to marry her the very next day and is 110 percent sure. He sits with his mom who speaks to him as if he’s 10. Mommy then gives him a credit card and advises that he shouldn’t go wild with it.

Mama Clint can’t understand why her son wants an inmate. After all, she says there are a jillion good girls who would love her son. Together, they inspect the ring that Clint will propose with. Turns out Clint’s Dad isn’t on board with his prison proposal and obviously, neither is their dog.

Clint and Mom go shop for a suit for his big day. The sales girl inquires about the wedding. Clint proudly explains that his goddess Tracie is about to get out of the clink. The look on her face is priceless. Who else is a little worried about clueless Clint?

New Couple Marcelino and Brittany on Love After Lockup

On this episode of Love After Lockup, we meet Marcelino. The 40-year-old former Marine met incarcerated love Brittany on website meet an inmate. He dishes about his criminal crush to a friend. He’s been writing and visiting Brittany for a year.

Marcelino boasts he never had a problem scoring with the ladies as he’s good-looking. But he finds people caught up in physical attraction superficial. So he’s been practicing celibacy as a result.

But Brittany has been incarcerated most of her life. A runaway at 12 she was first incarcerated at 14 for grand theft auto. Marcelino wants to give her structure and hopefully propose. So it will be interesting to see how Brittany handles life on the outside on Love After Lockup.

Sarah’s Got A Secret on Love After Lockup

Sarah shops for a wedding dress with her grandma and friend. She is engaged to Micheal, who is also the father of her daughter Aviana. But she doesn’t know that Michael is also talking to Megan, a virgin who he proposed to over the phone on Love After Lockup. Fans are eagerly awaiting the moment both women find out he was two-timing them while doing time!

Sarah tries on dresses and grandma thinks she looks hot. She seems a little nervous and reveals to producers that she and Michael are already married! Her family and friends don’t know the couple got hitched at the prison a while back. Whoops to Megan…

Megan and Michael – Talk Ain’t Cheap On Love After Lockup

Clueless Megan also shops for a dress to wed the already-married Michael. Eager to hand him her v-card, her friend suggests he get tested. Certainly, Megan is gaga over the prison playa. She reveals she also spent 12 grand paying for collect calls from him.

Then other bae Sarah meets her friend in the park for an exercise sesh. She reveals she is already married. Her friend cries and expresses concern about whether he can be faithful. She’s had problems with him cheating on her in the past.  She doesn’t think he can be cheating now since he’s in jail. Girl, if you only knew! Can’t wait to see what happens with this twisted trio!

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